III Sem Exams!!!

I should have written this post on 25th of last month or perhaps 26th, but lazy as I am it is late by over a week. Nevertheless better late then sorry, so the story of my 3rd semester exams.

As I always say MBA is fun, don’t know if it is because of my college or whatever the reason is, MBA is fun here and hence so are the exams. If by any chance you have read ‘Exam Time’ then you might know the story of the 1st semester exam which were not like the usual exams, and hence the 3rd semester was also bound to spring some surprises [don’t know what is so special about the odd semester exams, they always turns out to be odd].

Among all the subjects in this semester, three subjects in particular were cause of student’s worry viz. RIIT [Risk Insurance in International Trade], MFT [Managing Foreign Trade] and off-course OSCM [Operation Supply Chain Management].

RIIT as obvious was in the dreaded zone because of the UCP articles [37 articles in total or was it 39? Can’t say for sure] which we were supposed to memorize and apply in cases. Not to mention the marine insurance and other acts. Well I won’t comment on how the paper went until the result is out, but will quote the last minute tip of my professor to me, just before the exam “Cool hokar jayo, very simple paper” [turned out for the first time he was wrong].

MFT was a reason to worry, as we hardly attended any class during the whole semester [three lectures at a stretch, even the thought made us sick] and the ones we did, all we could understand was “Simple fifth class mathematics; understood or not understood”. But here I can say that the paper went very well, compared to what we had studied, thanks to the faculty.

Coming to the third one, OSCM! We attended all the classes, even those being held on Saturdays and Sundays [because the teacher has a very bad track record of debarring the students from sitting in the exam due to short attendance]. We tried to listen what he has to say, we tried to complete his assignments [he also has a bad record of failing students in their internals], we even tried to study for the paper; but all in vain I guess.

To our delight this was the only paper in which we had any holiday and that too two and this was the only exams, where the question paper got leaked. Yes you heard it right, the question paper leaked before the exam [don’t think Ms. Burkha Dutt has to do anything here, although currently she is the hot ‘leak’ chick; ‘Non Issue of Leak’]. But to our dismay [and this time to our delight only] along with half of the students the college authority also came to know about the leak. As obvious then, they sprang into action to change the paper.

The fun part starts here, we were sitting in the examination hall all tensed, it’s over 2’o clock and no invigilator has turned up. Slowly the news creep in that exam has been delayed and it will start at 3. Everyone is so relaxed as if the paper has been cancelled. Over 3 and everyone was speculating if the paper has been cancelled. A teacher tells us that the delay is due to the non availability of right number of question papers; the available number short by 200 which college is arranging and hence the delay. Yeah right!

I don’t know why the teachers think of students as stupid? As if we are most misinformed souls on earth. Well sir it was some student only who arranged the leak, and it was after half the college received that paper on mail at night, the college came to know about it. Still you are saying that the delay is because of inadequate number of question papers is available. Suit yourself!

Finally amidst all the confusion and chaos [by 3:30 everyone was out of examination halls and gathered in the corridor at reception] the paper finally started at 4 and boy what paper it was. For me and perhaps everyone, it was difficult to decide if it was MBA ‘Operation Supply chain Management’ or 12th class English or OB/BC perhaps.

Everyone was restless; I won’t say because of what was there in the paper, but because of what was not there in the paper. Those 4 questions which everyone was prepared with [courtesy the leak] were missing. Guess this was the aim of college for which they went into so much trouble and yes they did succeed.

At night everyone’s online status [on orkut, facebook or messenger] read ‘such mismanaged college’, ‘mismanaged ways of doing things’ etc. The main issue here was next day paper as after the exam finished at 7 and given the college is situated so far, everyone reached home late. But no the college is not mismanaged; as a teacher told me once “no mismanaged thing runs for so long”.

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