Exam Time!!!

It’s over 4 months since I got into this MBA thing, and till date I’ve cribbed a lot about Asia’s biggest and largest international business school. From 1st December my end-sem exams started, so its time to continue the ritual.

The exams came as a shock, literally for everyone. No one was prepared for them, and the way things were going, we thought there will be no exams at all. Then just with a notice of one week [actually 2, but first went by in all the confusion about ever changing date-sheet and the military training camp we all are supposed to attend] the finals started.

The huge confusion about the date sheet [and our zilch preparations] left us hoping, that the exams will be postponed, even on the eve of 1st December. Don’t be judgmental; it was very natural, because as far as the official announcement about the date-sheet is concerned none ever came. There used to be only one notice on the board and that too disappeared even before anyone could confirm its source or authenticity. Confirmation is must, as students here [themselves] put a lot of ‘official notices’ which later turns out fake. In one case almost 100 students received a mail, supposedly from one of the faculty, saying the exams have been rescheduled [when asked about it, the faculty was furious and determined to punish the guilty, nothing has happened yet].

Anyways amidst all the confusion, the exams started [now don’t ask how are they going] and one after another we gave 5 in 5 consecutive days without any break. 0n 5th exam, when we came out of the examination hall [as usual] cribbing about the paper, everyone at the reception porch was talking about the cancellation of Saturday’s paper [c’mon give me a break, not again]. As always everyone was skeptic about the postponement, but unfortunately it turned out to be true [that explains me writing a post today].

Its not that we don’t want holidays in between exams, but this means they will again come up with a date for the cancelled exam which will be a big spoil sport. This has already happened once. According to the date-sheet prior to the final one [final! Which is not final anymore] our exams were supposed to begin on 29th November and end on 10th December. Then a last minute change postponed the 29th exam to 20th December [‘rest everything as per the schedule’ read the notice]. Now they will again come up with an equally freaking date, which will never let these exams to get over. Who knows, might be the 1st of January!

Ah and before I wind up, another talk of the tinsel town is, might be one of the exam will be cancelled and re-conducted, in wake of all the cheating which happened. Told you, they will never let them finish.  

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