Iron Man. . .

The whole point of super heroes with extraordinary powers from some unexplainable reasons like biting of genetically modified insect, or because they are alien or mutants by birth or because they were caught in some radioactive storm, is pointless. Due to this reason only am not of a big superhero saga fan. But this doesn’t mean I have something personal against them. I do like the ones where ordinary men does extraordinary things [with personal skills or help from technology] to become a superhero. This makes me an admirer of Batman and now the list also have Iron man in it.

It is the story of billionaire Tony Stark [Robert Downy Jr.] whose expertise is in the field of inventing new weapons and manufacturing them. He is being captured by Afghan terrorists and held captive to build deadly weapons for them. Instead Stark builds an iron suit and wearing it he escapes from their captivity. Coming back to the US he is upset with all the death his weapons are causing and hence he declares the closure of their weapon factory. The step is not very well taken by Obadiah Stane [Jeff Bridges] and he is up against him. In the meantime Stark is building a new and improved iron suit to play the saviour. Alongwith him is his secretary Pepper Potts [Gwyneth Paltrow] and his friend Air Force Lieut. Colonel Jim Rhodes [Terrence Howard].


  • Tony Stark drives an Audi R8 in the film, as part of a promotion deal Marvel Studio’s made with the Audi Automobile Company. Two other vehicles, the Audi S5 and the Audi Q7 SUV, also make an appearance in the film.
  • In the comics, Tony Stark participated (and became Iron Man) in the Vietnam War; later this was retconned to the Gulf War. In this film, the character’s origin was retconned to Afghanistan, as Jon Favreau did not wish to make the film a period piece but instead give it a realistic contemporary look.
  • Tom Cruise was going to act in and produce the film; Nicolas Cage was also interested in playing Iron Man.
  • Robert Downey Jr. spent five days a week weight training and practiced martial arts to get into shape.

The thing which I like most about Iron man is that he has appropriate dressing sense and hence he does not wear his under wear over his pants. Alright jokes apart, on a more serious note this is a serious affair to checkout. The performance from Robert Downy, the story line, the pace of the movie, picturization and everything else is good. Except the climax fight, which appears to be more of a traffic jam, the whole movie is par excellence. The movie is about the birth of a superhero and how ordinary people find motive to do extraordinary things. This very thing I liked about Batman Begins and am eagerly waiting for its sequel and the same goes for Iron man. So my suggestion is if you have still not watched the movie then don’t waste any more time, if you like action then it surely is a movie made for you.

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