The ‘K Line’. . .

Increasing cases of road rage is a cause of concern. In my earlier post ‘Raging Road Rage’ I tried to talk a little about the conditions on the roads, which are getting worse everyday. In that post a lot of aspects were missed out about which we may talk sometime later. But there is one thing which I can’t afford to miss out when I talk about Delhi’s roads and i.e. Delhi’s famous ‘K-Line’. Last year the final tally of those who received ‘moksha’ at the hands of blue line bus drivers was somewhere around 120 and this year also the account has already opened.

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Michael Clayton

The movie is nominated for the Oscars. Do I need to say anything more? I don’t know if it will be able to bag one or not? But I do know that this time again Clooney has scored a home run. Looks like this man is swore not to do anything wrong, when it comes to choosing a role and selecting a script. Continue reading “Michael Clayton”

Raging Road Rage. . .

A road is a place where each day each of us spends a substantial amount of our time. A speeding motor vehicle, breaking a traffic signal is not the rarest of the view which we don’t get to see. And when we see a biker doing the job, the sight becomes even more common. So yesterday when I saw two men riding on a bike, trying to jump a red light, I did not found the phenomena very stimulating or unusual. After their failed attempt the pillion rider of the bike opened the visor of his helmet and I got to see his face. He was an old man, of age in late 60s [I presumed that he must have given a good lecture to the driver on the idiotic attempt which he just made]. But surprise to me came, when I got to see the face of the driver, he was again an old man, even older than the previous one [and my presumption was proved wrong]. So first of all kudos to them for riding a bike at this age [generally people are a bit reluctant to do so after a certain age] and then they should be given some bravery award for the attempt which they made, at their age and at a traffic signal on the outer ring road [which by any means, is one of the busiest road intersection of Delhi].

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Who will win, Popular Belief or Nationalism?

The battle for the American presidential crown will begin soon. Every day all the prospective candidates begin with their tasks of wooing the voters in order to win the candidacy of their respective parties. Whenever there is any news about the primaries, all the lime light is generally hogged by the two democrat candidates Mr. Barack Obama or Mrs. Hilary Clinton. This is the first time that the competition for the candidature is between a woman and a black man. I don’t know if it is because of this reason that the two are getting such huge amount of media coverage, but sometimes it seems that this US Presidential election is not between democrats and republicans, but between the two democrats itself.

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The ‘V’ Day

It just happens by shear chance, that we set out to find something and ends up finding something else. Yesterday I was at the Archie’s, looking for a birth day card for a friend. Although the hunt for the card didn’t went down very well, but I came across one guy purchasing some cards. There was something interesting about the purchase which he was making, as he was asking the salesman if he will get any discount on buying a dozen cards of the same lot [initially I thought he was on the annual card shopping spree]? He eventually bought a whole pack of cards saying ‘SORRY’.

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Are Indians Racist???

It has been almost a week since whole drama surrounding bhaji’s racial abuse has turned into a fisaco, the ace indian spinner escaping serious punishment by proofing that he never said anything racial to Mr. Andrew Symonds aka Roy, though Bhaji claimed he abused him, well i have already discussed this issue in my previous post “cricket BADBOYSContinue reading “Are Indians Racist???”

Build your own Remote Control (RC) Car

In this tutorial we will learn how to build a simple wired remote control car. Building your own simple yet powerful wired robot is the first step in the field of robotics. To begin building your car you first need to decide few things about it. What kind of steering you want? In this tutorial we will build a differential drive car. A car has mainly five things viz. tyres, motor, chassis, axle and remote controller. A chassis can be made of anything which is flat, light, flexible, hard, and easy to cut like Toughened Styrofoam, Acrylic sheet, plastic tray, etc. Now we should select our tyres. Tyres should also be light in weight so that they do not put extra load on motors. Tyres can either be made by wood or plastic or could be purchased from market. We would require at least Continue reading “Build your own Remote Control (RC) Car”

Developing Secular India. . .

Recently the Prime Minister said that 15% of our country’s resources should be exclusively kept reserved for minorities. He talked about reserving certain per cent of our development budget and providing them with many other facilities. Every now and then our government at the centre keeps on talking about the poor living conditions of minorities and the level of their under development. It is good that the government is concerned about the poor and want to provide them with facilities for their betterment and upliftment. So now for the minorities to prosper this is the new mantra formulated by our intelligent polity in power.

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