The Beginning. . .

It’s been really long since I wrote something [won’t say meaning full here; what I write is hardly meaning full]. Instead of the last desperate attempt to get my head in order, things just don’t seem to be falling in line. So this time I decided to go with the flow without thinking what the outcome will be like [you know something is always better then nothing]. Its not that during this period of silence I did not tried anything. I tried, I tried a lot of things and few even came close of becoming a post, but to my dismay and god know whose delight, end result was unpublished incomplete drafts.  

Coming to the point, I have always thought that our scriptures are full of knowledge on almost any and every topic [am sure many think and believe the same]; it’s just that in the rush of reading our text books [which we are forced to do by teachers and parents] and in the high of reading various novels [which we our self force us to do, in order to boast about when talking to some pretty girl] we never paid attention to reading them. Moreover they seldom come in English and reading Hindi literature is just so uncool. Falling in the line am also not having a huge list of scriptures which I have read [well actually I am not having any list at all. I’ve been trying to read Gita for quite sometime now, but take my word it is not an easy task to accomplish]. But a recent gist of Shiv Puran which I heard this Dussehra, is worth discussing.

The talk actually started from Einstein’s saying ‘The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources’.  The point of discussion was if Einstein said this, so there must be some source to Einstein’s knowledge as well.

Of all the things Einstein said and formulated the fourth dimension i.e. time which he gave is actually remarkable and hence the source to look out for was of this fourth dimension only and hence began the brief recital of Shiv Puran. There is mention of the fourth as well as the fifth dimension in the Shiv Puran. So it began; as the point was the fourth dimension only so the amount of story I heard is about the formation of Universe, Earth and the beginning of life which is actually remarkable.

Listening to Puran, might sound like sitting in a ‘pravachan’ or ‘satsang’ to many. Moreover as soon as there is mention of ancient scriptures, an image of religion comes to our mind and it all starts to sound very boring. Then there are actually certain mentions in the story which makes it illogical to believe and we lose interest even before starting. I don’t know this time if it was the story or the story teller; for over an hour we enjoyed it and listened with attention [wish our lectures in colleges were as interesting, I would have paid more attention] and the story actually reminds me of my forgotten science lesson about the big bang and the formation of universe.

What is the story, will talk about next time.

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