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After quiet a long time I got some thing to write on, generally I love to write something practical. Also you need to be bit care full as you might be knowing to what happened to one of the prominent writers of this blog. Any how this time I will be talking about famous phrases that has been used from centuries till now and there context/ relevance in this materialism spreaded all over. It was a discussion over my career [as u got to be checking your contacts for back up , placement season is on ] then suddenly there was shift over how things are proceeding these days , not for a particular category but for all . Since our childhood we have been listening number of phrases which our elders asks us to apply in our daily life but now its time question yourself [ do they really apply today?] ,basically there is need to reevaluate and modify such phrases . These phrases formed the core of discussion.
To start with, first such phrase that comes is “Karma kar Fal Ki Iccha Mat Kar “. I believe everyone understands its normal meaning , as I am not referring to anything deep or hidden. Many even today goes by same { when I asked myself that , Is it the same way today? }, the reply came something different and not one but two. The first ideology is just a simple opposite and says “ Karma to Kar , Per Fal Ki Iccha Kyon Na Kar “. As why one should not think for results , if he has put in all the hard work with full honesty. eg. a farmer who had ploughed his field , sowed the seeds , irrigated it well , why shouldn’t he expects a good crop[ why should not he have an iccha for good crop?]. If he does not expects so he is the mere loser. The second ideology differentiates “ karma “ and “Fal” and says there is no direct relation between the two. It advocates that “Karma “ is just for your internal satisfaction and the “ Fal” has nothing to do with it. Eg Same farmer after all above mentioned doesn’t gets a good crop might be due to some natural calamity.[So it is not necessary that “Karma” will fetch you “Fal” or you should expect “Fal” because if you have done the appropriate karma ] .

Second comes “Neki kar Darya Mein dal “. This is the most common phrase you can hear every now and then. It happens when you do something good and in return things don’t turn up your way. Today’s scenario is something different , it says Dariya mein dalne se accha hai, neki mat kar. Quiet a lot of time we regret for one or other thing and uses the same phrase but now this changes to “Neki mat kar Darya Mein mat dal “ [why to have rivers full of “ Neki ”?, why to add one more thing to rivers as they are already very polluted ].
“Sabra ka Fal meetha hota hai” [really][I don’t think that way] . Earlier we used to wait for fruits to get ripened on trees and then they were plucked. But now it is a thing of past when you need to have patience to have completely ripened fruit. Observing from very basic fruits are ripened using chemicals , so it take hours today where we used to wait for days. If it doesn’t apply to fruits these days , how it applies to lives?. Management of company never sits and shows its patience limits when a particular product fails. It responds swiftly to cultivate maximum profits in order compensate for loss. If patience is shown much big disaster can be invited.

Another thing what I realized is your work not related to money earned . Money something that you get is through your destiny not by putting in hard work. Here you need to understand the money I am talking about , because if it so nobody will be working and their destinies would be paying them. I am referring to the money that caters to your “ Demand “ not “ Need or Want”.
So it is not how hard you work or how well you dupe to get money, it is how much your destiny has it for you[what is written on your 4*2 inch highway (forehead)]. Moral of the story , don’t get carried away with phrases of past but evaluate their relevance in current situation and act accordingly.

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