Proof of Life!!!

United Nations recently declared the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi as the international non violence day. From this year onwards 2nd October will no longer be only a Bharatiya holiday, but it will also remind the world of the principals for which the whole mankind should stand, the direction in which everyone should work and the ultimate goal which we all long to attain; non violence.

Most of us know about this honour with which UN has marked the 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and the celebrations which were carried out in New York, at the UN function in which Sonia Gandhi was invited as the main dignitary. However what most of us do not know is that she was not at all welcomed by the Indians there.

But why? Why she met with a huge public remonstration? Why there was a two hour protest including a dramatisation in which one person dressed up as Sonia Gandhi was shown knifing another person dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi? Why protestors were also present at Union Square Park in downtown Manhattan, where they fasted near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi? They raised their anti-Sonia placards when the Indian Consul General Neelam Deo came to garland the statue to observe the Mahatma’s birth anniversary.

The demonstration was organized to vocalize outrage and dismay at the nomination/selection/imposition of Mrs. Sonia (nee Antonia Maino) Gandhi to deliver a speech at the United Nations as a representative of India. One of the spokesperson of the Forum for Gandhi Heritage, the main flag bearer of the protests along with Mahatma Gandhi International Foundation, the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, the Indo Caribbean Council, the Kashmiri Taskforce, the Brahmin Samaj, and many other Indian community organizations, said that “It symbolised how Sonia Gandhi was destroying the sacredness and sanctity of the Mahatma’s name”. In a full page advertisement in The New York Times, dated October 6th, the Forum blamed Sonia Gandhi for many of her misdeeds, but their main point of objection was the comments of Government of Bharat, on the existence of Sri Ram and the purposed blowing up of Ram Sethu, a national heritage.

Even after the governments failed attempts to save their face in the controversy, the ghost of the fiasco is here to haunt them for a while and the intellects of the government are the only person to be blamed for this. I do not understand how they can have so shallow thoughts, and think that by putting a question mark on the existence of Sri Ram, they can pull out their good for nothing Sethu Samudram shipping canal project.

People in the government are so smart that even after so much of public outcry, our honourable Minister of State, Science and Technology and Ocean Development, Mr. Kapil Sibbal was of the opinion that, there is no scientific proof to prove the existence of Ram, but it is a matter of faith. When will the government learn that faith is not bounded by any scientific proof and the people do not require any kind of certificate from the government to have faith in Sri Ram? On the contrary it is the government who need sound scientific proof to back them, before they question the authenticity Ram and enter this sacred world of faith.

Although I have already written two posts on this issue viz. “The Eternal Truth” ( and “Do we really need Ram Sethu?” ( still the vast expanse of the topic leaves us with so much to talk about. I do not know why the government tend to forget about Ramayana, which is not just an epic, when they talk about the proof of life of Ram. Why they think Ramayana is just fiction and nothing more than literature? Why they are so reluctant in accepting the fact that Ramayana is a piece of our history and that too, when there are scientific proofs to establish the things written in it?

Yes this is true that many things which are written in Ramayana are established facts. Like for example, about the building of Ram Sethu itself. It is written that they keep on writing the name Ram and the stones kept on floating on water. Stones floating on water might sound to be very out of the blue to you, but a kind of stones found in that area, have molecular structure with voids present in them, which enables them to float in water and their surface is sufficiently rough so that you can write on it. Writing the name of Ram is symbolic of distinguishing these stones from the others. These stones are very much present even today and it is not a myth as many of us may think.

In another instance, when Sughriv was directing Hanuman about the places to look for Sita, he said that then go to the place Ayomukh, where there are huge mountains of iron. Most of you will be surprised to know that the discovery of Bharat’s largest iron ore mine, Kudremukh, was based upon this instruction of Sughriv. The engineer after analyzing these directions started looking for Ayomukh, but instead found a place called Kudremukh, the literal meaning of both is horse’s face. When the required tests were carried out at Kudremukh, the largest iron ore reserve of the country were found i.e. mountains of iron.

All these are well established facts with scientific explainatioms and many more like these still remains hidden from our limited scientific knowledge, which will be sooner or later unravelled. But why can’t in the light of all the proofs which we already have, we consider Ramayana as our written history, and stop asking for the scientific proof of history or for that matter proof of life of Ram? But it hardly matters what a handfull of people says or asks for. As it is very well said that, for those who believe no explaination is required and for those who do not, no proof is sufficient.

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