Greater Good Talk launched!!!

After a year of blogging on, the brains behind it thought of taking the next step. With more than 100 posts on any and almost every topic, it was decided to work on things in a particular direction, which benefits everyone in some way or the other. This is where comes into picture.

What is ‘Greater Good Talk’ about?  

Being a management student you come across new things everyday. These things are all meant to inspire you to think out of the box, do something different and new. But they all are dispersed in a large pool, where you are required to locate them in order to excel. This is where the problem arises, not only for management students, but for everyone who is looking out to get inspired.

The world is full of experiences, all of which cannot be taken in one lifetime. There is so much to learn and so little time. That’s why it is said a wise man is one who learns from other’s experiences. However it is not everyday we find people with experiences to learn from. Moreover most of the time we are hesitant to ask them and sometimes, even they are reluctant to share.

Greater Good Talk is to get to know the people whom you always wanted to talk to. So many news channels and talk shows are already doing this, and they are doing a good job. But then so many times after listening to some interview or after watching some talk show, we feel that some things have been left unanswered or certain integral things were completely absent. We have so many questions to ask, but lack the platform and opportunity to do so. Greater Good Talk is about these moments only. It is a user customized panel which provides you with the chance to ask what you want to know and not what the interviewer is interested in.

The concept is simple; the users will frame the questionnaire of what they want to ask to whom. We will just act as a channel whose job will be to get you the answers to all those things which you want to know. The whole interview will be custom made and available to you when you want, where you want and in the form you want.

A friend after listening to the concept told me, this is what social entrepreneurship all about. But we are not social entrepreneurs doing something to tackle social problem. Just few people trying to bring out some changes not in the society, but in people who are actually looking forward to change, who are more than game to get inspired for their benefit, for other’s benefit.

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