I Don’t Know, You Tell Me!

When the classes in the college continue till late in the evening, students complaint a lot! After every lecture they ask each other, how many more to go? And then answer the question themselves. Everyday everyone wish for the lectures to get over early, and luckily on few occasions all the prayers do get heard. Today is again the lucky day and am at my place by 5:30 p.m.

Sometimes it happen that despite of things going according to you, nothing feel right [welcome to ‘SUDDEN BOUT OF MADNESS’]. I guess this is one of those days. Although I was home early, but now something ain’t right. What is it? I don’t know. After initial busy schedule of 30 minutes, there is nothing much to do. I mean look around dude, you are home early so what do you want to do now? Just sit and wait. Nah, sitting idle, just ain’t my style and moreover wait for whom or what? May be the other friend living with me [one is already home, but he is as always busy with himself]. Why? Besides what’s the point? Sooner or later he’ll be home. So what next? I don’t know, you tell me!

Let us do some online social networking. Hmmm, it is the ultimate time killing machine. But you know what? Problems never come alone. They always come in bunches. After the futile 20 minutes of efforts to get the net working, all is in vain. So what next? I don’t know, you tell me!

How about watching a movie? A movie on the lappy! Well it is definitely a good time killed, but which one? You have already seen all of them, and watching them again is so predictable and pathetic [well actually there are few which can be seen again and again]. So let us watch one of those few only. Wait there is one which I have not seen [looks like the sudden bout of madness will finally come to an end]. Just 15 minutes into the movie and am already bored to death [now this bout of madness has really started getting out of control, else me bored by a movie, very unlikely]. So what now? I don’t know, you tell me!

Well after 15-20 minutes of introspection, nothing seems to be going right. Books went down long ago; movie just went out of picture, so let’s go out for a stroll. A stroll in the evening, near to nature, with cool breeze blowing always helps. Hmmm this is actually working, feels better and got so much inside to talk. The first person I wanted to, never picked up. Looks like ‘busy log’, busy as always. The other one is out on shopping ‘talk to you later’. Should I try someone else? May be third time lucky! But this ain’t your day dude, third one is attending some guests ‘can’t talk right now’. Won’t make the fourth call, never! Hey, the phone just rang take it out of the pocket. It is the first person, a small chit chat, ‘just came back home very tired’. This person is very tired so I shouldn’t be bothering. But a small monologue [from my side did followed] and ‘oh very tired’ came the response [okay! Okay! I get it don’t want to talk, tell me straight]. Atleast returned the call [so much considerate]. Is this a signal that things are improving? Let us try fourth number [God I really need to talk]; ‘the Airtel number you are trying is currently busy’ looks like everyone in this world is busy right now, except me. So what now? I don’t know you tell me!

Lets us write something. But then again the big question, what to write about? The post on national crime capital, which technically speaking should be the next post; Nah! Not now, not the right mood for it. Then what about the ‘Promotional Mix –II’? You seriously don’t expect me to write it now. Then there is that one about Noida traffic, you wanted to write it for a long time. Hmmm!! But if not even this, then what? I don’t know, you tell me!

Am tired of telling you dude, the whole ‘sudden bout’ thing has really taken over.

Let’s see how this evening went by, trying out so many things, but not exactly getting into any of them. Its dinner time and the third roomie is also here so let’s keep the ‘sudden bout’ thing aside for the time being.

Did it make any sense? I don’t know, you tell me!

P.S. it happened yesterday, wait after looking at the time now 2 days ago.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Know, You Tell Me!”

  1. buddy great going i didnt know you were so dissapointed that day
    ,but it is the real life more you chase things , they go more far.
    anyways its good to write this things when no idea strikesto you ..
    asked the people involved to read it .


  2. Hey buddy… :)

    wrote ur mind … thats good…but there were a lot of grammatical mistakes buddy…
    particularly with the plural’s’… kept distracting me…
    otherwise the post is nicely written… as a matter of fact,
    it happens a lot, with everyone… and believe me.. it feels like killing urself !!!
    man… wht the hell… kuch click hi nahin karta us din…and it feels like kya yaar…yeh kya ho raha hai !!!

    nehow, as suggested by akki, and to be specific, the idea of asking ppl invloved in this ‘busy-log’ phone session to read the entry is a nice one… 😉


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