Something I Don’t Understand

Top most restaurants and food chains promising taste and quality for money when it comes to food is almost set in every second street of a city. But I guess no one would have been spared of being victim of food poisoning and stomach troubles after having food even from a reputed and popular food chain.

Why is it so?? Why can’t people be hygienic when it comes to the health of others? I have experienced eating even in some very famous and clean looking restaurants and eating joints and even suffered some serious health disorders after having that food. People in India are quite irresponsible and neglect the health needs of people eating at their places.

Using stale vegetables and fruits just to save petty amount of money is very much in trend if we pay a look to the Indian restaurants and hotels. Those who are bachelors or stay away from family encounters health problems only due to the food they eat outside. Even after paying high one fails to assure that the food he is having is free from germs and is completely healthy.

It is hard to understand that why people fail to add a bit of hygiene with taste while preparing food. Why washing dishes in impure water satisfies them? I don’t find any eating place secure and safe if we often plan out a dinner out once in a while. Lack of hygiene is not a new story but health authorities do not seem to be bothered about considering this issue.

I see every attempt in making improving the quality of education but health of youth is something which is left unconsidered till date. I am amazed that how unhygienic street food sellers are permitted to sell and why are they not punished for using dirty and unclean dishes for serving…

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