life in hong kong

since its my first post i am a little nervous.kindly excuse my mistakes since i am a novice.I thought of starting my blog by sharing my experience of living in asia’s world city where life never stops.Hong Kong is Asia’s financial hub and people here are workaholics.they love to work and party to the fullest.Every morning you can see hongkongers on their foot (literally) rushing towards their workplace.The crowd at the MTR(metro)is worth watching.It seems as a scene straight from Men(and Female)in Black.Carrying their office backpacks, a glass of coffee and some food packed in white tissue, they all seem engrossed.The high skyrises in Central area boast off their beautiful architecture and takes pride to make Hong kong’s skyline the best in the world.After 9.30 in the morning everything seems to be moving  at a normal pace .But let the clock stuck one and again its time for the city to move…People flung to all the nearby restaurants,coffee shops, chinese eateries and of course smoking zones….you can get that stinking smell (of flesh of varied kinds including pig,duck ,duckling,chicken,etc) coming from all nooks of the streets.

Come night and Hong kong is again happening,people start moving out of their offices with smiles on their faces and some of them busy in playing the latest PSP game (yeah,hongkongers are crazy for video games)you can see people dressed up in formal suits carrying their office bags entering the video games arcade:)

It seems that people are busy in their lives ,in their work ,in earning money.But,most of them seem content with a mild smile on their faces all the time.Life is hard but they still love to live it…

Thats a part of hongkong for you!

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