In the New Year, it is a good idea to do something new. Well it didn’t take me 12 days to figure out about this new thing; but lazy as I am and the past record says, it always takes me longer than usual to make the first post in the New Year.

This year [actually last year] I have been thinking of talking about eating joints. After having a customary glance at the times food guide, a similar book by HT [talking about Delhi’s eating joints] and all the articles about Delhi’s food life, I noticed they are always about the big guns; the upper class restaurant in some five star hotel or in the up-market area of DefCol, NFC, GK or anywhere. But you know what? The real food culture of Delhi is not at these places. These articles are all result of much created hype of the well managed media by some good PR firm. Moreover these are not the places where you as a student goes [they are always heavy on the pockets, and a college student is one soul on this earth who is always short of funds]. Keeping this in mind lets try and get to know about some joints which are not there in these guide books.

Being a college student in Delhi, one place which you have definitely been to is the North Campus. It’s always so much alive with students, always something happening, no matter where you go nothing beats the beat of north Campus. As expected in the adjoining Kamla Nagar market [Knags as it is popularly known] there are lots of options available to fill your appetite and satisfy the tingling taste buds. So let us begin with ‘Nine 75’.img190

On the Bunglow Road, coming from Campus take a left at the T-point of Bindals and then again first left. This is called the food street [it’s a narrow street and you will surely miss it if you are in a car; little piece of advice always walk there] and on right hand side is ‘Nine 75’.

We only went there because it said it serves Mexican; not just that but also Chinese, Italian, Indian and of course some fast food snacks. The platter on our table was a blend of all, in Mexican we had Taco, Vegetable Pibil and Mexican Rice; Italian Pasta with Cheese Sauce and garlic noodles with veg Manchurian.

We know Mexican food is spicy so we were expecting it; the only thing which bothered us was the Taco. Tacos are considered to be on a little lighter side and less spicy but there they made it just like the rest. Never mind, although flavor was good the Pasta turned out to be slightly uncooked. By the time we ate garlic noodles and Manchurian; one thing was sure, we will not go there again for Chinese or Italian. Noodles lacked the flavor and if Pasta was uncooked, Manchurian was overcooked. 

img188The overall ambience was good, dimly lit place with dark colored walls. Music was little loud and didn’t go well with the setting, hence even if you wanted to sit for longer hours am afraid you can’t. The service was average with waiters busy in their own. As far as food is concerned if you want to have some Mexican which is available round the corner and don’t hurt your pocket [a meal for 2 will set you back by250-300 bucks] then this is the place to be; else forget about it.

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