Reincarnation is a thing that is very much debated upon by the people . What do you think? Do people have reincarnations? I think that people do reincarnate .

There are many people who do not think that Reincarnation is a possibility. Take the case of the people who follow the religion of Islam . The Muslims do not believe in Reincarnation , but I read yesterday at Wikipedia that it is mentioned there in the Holy book of the Quran that people have an existence after death . They do not believe that souls cease to exist after death .

Can we say that there is an existence after death? Maybe there are people who choose to have a rebirth and there are some who do not choose to .

The concept of reincarnation has held my interest and I have read a great many books on Reincarnation . Take for example , “Many lives and many masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss.The book gives a great lot of knowledge on the concept of Reincarnation.

I do not think that if a person meets with his end he ceases to exist . There have been many cases where people have made contact with the people who have left the earth . If that person has ceased to exist then how are people interacting with them .

I really fail to comprehend how certain groups of people can absolutely refuse to accept the concept of reincarnation when there are a great many case studies that suggest that people do reincarnate. I do not think that there is anything wrong if people believe that people do not cease to exist . Maybe it takes a different form but I do not think that anything can cease to exist .

What do you think? Is it possible that people go on existing or do you think that existence ceases if a person leaves earth? I do not want answers that is influenced by your religious teachings . What as an individual do you think?

I would be glad if I get a couple of answers .

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