I Have To Agree That Men Can Cook Better Than Women

Gone are the days when Men used to enter the kitchen to just taste and look at what is being cooked for their meal?? The question that man cook or not have finally received a convincing answer that yes they can cook but the never ending argument who cooks better is still left unresolved.

Well, as per my opinion some men can cook better than women whereas some women can cook better than men. But the total idea is that who so ever thinks that men cannot cook should give this notion a second thought.

I can quote certain examples to prove the point that men can actually cook a tasty as well as a healthy meal. Two of them are already sitting at my place. I’m talking about my brother and my father. I don’t want to be partial but it wouldn’t be wrong if I say that they cook better than my mother…

Some people might don’t agree to the fact that cooking industry is now majorly being dominated by the male chefs but with the emergence of certain popular examples such as Sanjeev kapoor, Curtis stone, Rick Bayless, Jasper White, Charlie Trotter,
Tom Colicchio, the discussion that men can cook or not seems out of question…Often when we go out on parties where most of the time we tend to discover that the food has been prepared by the male chefs and cooks. It is no more a surprise if you find a new flavor to taste in your meal and will come to know that it is cooked by a male chef at your home.

‘Men cook better than women’ can also be supported with the idea that men cook occasionally and are mostly expected to come with a different taste and flavor with the same recipes as they experiment a lot. Moreover, they are not used to of using same ways and methods of making dishes and want to add their kind a flavor and taste to the regular recipes.

It is a world known fact that men are obsessed for food which has also led them to take up cooking as a profession as a result of which today they have left strong foot prints in introducing some amazing ways to preparing the party as well as regular dishes at home. One of the funniest and most popular reasons of men taking inertest in cooking is that women like the men who can cook and can cook delicious…As per the recent surveys and discussion men has openly accepted that they were mostly being dated due to the fact that they can cook.

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