The Man with The Mask!!!

I woke up on a dark morning,
Crawled out of my warm bed.
Dragging myself i saw this man.
Never seen before, he is the man with mask.

What i can see are two blood shot eyes.
Starring at me,from behind the wall
The eyes are screaming but no one is hearing.
Yeah! He is The Man with Mask

He is troubled, he is agonized.
But the mask is smiling.
And so is he…
his eyes shouting..Set me free

Is he evil or is it the mask he is wearing.
He committed the sins, but is he the sinister
or he is just a puppet and his control is with his master.

The man is lost and now what stand are ruins,
burning down to ashes, in the fire of his inner rage.
The man is now on knees and screaming within his cage,
Oh Lord Please listen to the cries!!
Or else he will die, Or else he will die.

As the morning sun rises through,
The wall breaks and the darkness fade.
The cage is broken, the mask is gone,
Basking in the glory he sets himself free.
The pain is gone and now he is me..
Yeah!!! now he is Me…

7 thoughts on “The Man with The Mask!!!”

  1. after political talks to clg lyf to technical descriptions to movie reviews, zhagdoo got one more new angle!! now c zhagdoo from a poets viewpoint!!

  2. about the poem: its really beautiful and very inspirational.. although many time in between it went over my head but in the end i got its core… it says that in this world we wear a mask inside which our soul cries for freedom, we should free that soul by removing this fake mask and find who we are.. be what you are!! shantnu please correct me if i m wrong or if there is some more deeper meaning hidden inside it!!

  3. yeah Sam you got it right…everybody wears a mask and we should be ready to shed that off…it is all about self realisation that what we wanted to be and wahat we are…and thanks for this wonderful comment…

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