Star Trek

Alright every action movie I watch, more or less I like it; and when it is a science fiction-space odyssey with fast paced action with adventure then you can expect what my reaction will be on watching it. Yesterday finally I watched Star Trek and I enjoyed the screening.

Am not a Star Trek follower and have never seen even a single episode of the famous series so I can not compare the movie with the series for you. Although I have seen all the six Star War movies still am just one day old to the space odyssey stuff [watched all 6 in one day]. So you can not expect any critical judgment or expert comments on the movie, picturization, crew or anything else.

This is the story of how our hero becomes a hero, how he develops friendship with a Vulcan [Vulcans are the resident of planet Vulcan], how a sadist maniac [Eric Bana] is defeated and how a great starship crew comes together and forms a team ready to fight alien monsters.

To cut a long story short, the movie looked like futuristic, if what Star Wars showed is future. If future is I am legend then not it is not futuristic. The acting of the crew is good, there is fun, emotion, action, adventure and off-course romance. A complete Bollywood package from Hollywood; what else could you ask for. In addition there is great special effects, some nice space backgrounds, picturesque stars, planets.  

The only thing which I don’t like about these futuristic films is all the oddly looking creature, funny looking creature, nasty looking creatures and colourful humans like creatures; rest all is fine. And one thing I came to know after watching, only humans are not racist, aliens too are.

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