Indiana Jones. . .

????????Before I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, my knowledge about the series was just limited to it being an adventure series and one of the movie stars Amrish Puri. As I have not watched the earlier 3, so comparing this instalment with the previous one is not possible for me. So let us talk about this one only and keep aside the pre-conceived notions about the series.

The movie is set in the year 1957, about an archaeologist turned professor Henry Jones junior aka Indiana Jones [Harrison Ford], who is drawn into the picture by the Soviets led by Irina Spalko [Cate Blanchet] to find an artefact from a US military warehouse. From there began a series of adventure to find something which leads them to another place and then finally to the kingdom. In the adventure joins him Mutt Williams [Shia LeBeouf], Professor Oxley [John Hurt], Marion Ravenwood [Karen Allen].

The movie is of the year 1957 and frankly speaking, barring few instances it actually appears to be of that era, so kudos for Steven Spielberg on this achievement. There is particularly nothing wrong in the story except the never ending and unexplainable legends, myths, stories which are very delicately attached with each other. Not only the legends and the myths are going overboard, but also other things like why not Indi is hurt when his refrigerator is tossed up and far by the nuclear explosion [at his age he should have had multiple fractures, although I liked that shot].

In a nut shell the movie is worth a watch, there is nothing bad about it. The movie is going with a good speed and just lags at a few occasions. Although the whole movie is a little overboard but the climax is particularly a disappointment and hence plays a perfect spoiler. The acting of the crew is good, but personally speaking I didn’t liked the idea of using an old Harrison Ford [personally am not a big Ford fan]. But if Sean Connery did it until he retired, Tommy Lee Jones can do it then why should Ford be left behind? The end note is, if you liked National Treasure II and Fool’s gold then you will love it.

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