Transformers- Revenge of the Fallen

2be0e395We all know about Hollywood’s obsession with big action movies, elaborate special effects with some sci-fi plot thrown in and the huge number of such flicks it produces on the subject. Adding to this list is ‘Transfomers-Revenge of the Fallen’!

When I watched the first movie, I liked it for the big action sequences and the freshness it brought along with. Although there was nothing much different in the movie but still there was something refreshing and different about it. One thing about the fallen, it has lost that freshness. It’s not that I don’t like sequels, I love them. I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark Knight, I love watching Lord of the Rings Trilogy again and again, I even found Salvation entertaining; but frankly speaking I didn’t enjoyed the 147 minute alien robotic civil war on Earth.

Am sure most of you will disagree from me, as Revenge of the Fallen is definitely bigger [literally, in runtime as well] than the first installment; the action sequence are bigger and more. But these plus points of the movie are the reason why I didn’t enjoyed it. If you ask me Revenge of the Fallen is the most complete sequels, but in this quest the director has overdone a lot of things, almost everything.

Secondly the movie keeps on reminding you about the other prior cult outings, like Sam [ Shia La Beouf] don’t want to be part of the robotic war and saving the world thing, just want to live a simple life – Spiderman 2; Sam running in the deserts solving clues to unlock the hidden tombs – Angelina Joile of Tomb Raider or perhaps Harrison Ford of Indiana Jones; sinking aircraft carriers like Pearl Harbor; if in Salvation the big Terminators reminded of the Transformers then in Revenge of the Fallen we have “Living Blood and Tissue over metal” aila Terminator. Then like the climax of Transformers-1, here you are confused in the beginning itself which ones are Decepticons and which ones are Autobots?

As far as the plot is concerned the Autobots under Optimus Prime have formed an alliance with US military called the NEST team, which hunts Decepticons living on earth. Decepticons have brought Megatron back and there is a master of Megatron called the Fallen. It shows how the Robotic civil war began and there is a machine hidden on earth which can be the source of power for Decepticons and can destroy Earth. Fallen sends many Decepticons on earth to kill all the Autobots and establish the supremacy. In the mean time there is a mean official from the direct order of the President [Obama in this case] who wants to shut down NEST and make sure all Autobots leave the planet, even though they are helping save the planet. Are the US Presidents actually so dumb or they just portray them this way; Mr. Obama are you listening?

All the other characters from the first movie are back, Sam’s parents, the US military troupes as NEST now, although no Sector-7 this time but the retired official trying to save the planet and acting as the comic link alongwith the parents.

As far as my opinion is concerned a little more editing would have made it crisper and might be less boring. Also if few things would have left out and the movie became simple it would be more enjoyable. Megan Fox in an interview said, that the movie has no scope for acting, turns out she is right. But all this doesn’t matter as it is already a hit and people are checking it out. So you might as well just do that.

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