Day Earth Stood Still. . .

One after another they make remakes of classics, and in the never ending line the latest edition is ‘The day the earth stood still’ remake of a 1951 classic of same title. There is one problem with these remakes in general, they lack the current fiz. Some 50 years back the movie was wonderful, but why should we watch a 50 year old movie with new star cast and nothing else. It’s better to watch the classic, instead of the remake if it is not served with the present flavours.

I have not seen the original classic, even then it can be easily inferred that there is hardly anything new or different in the remake. Director Scott Derrickson tries to add the new flavours, but except some splendid visual effect shots nothing is new. This is where the movie falls.

This is the story of Klaatoo [Keanu Reaves] an alien, who has landed on earth to punish human race, in order to save the planet earth. Then in the plot there is a multi tasking scientist Helen Benson [Jennifer Connely] and others, who really don’t matter.

Actually none matters in this movie, where nothing seems to be happening. even before you can expect anything to happen, you are half way down. The movie is dragging with a speed that a runtime of some 100 minutes appears to be very long. Packed with plot holes, and too much screen space to establish Jennifer and her step-son Jacob’s [Jaden Smith] relation, makes it more boring. At times Keanu Reeves looks like Neo [from matrix] with powers beyond reasoning, but then he is an alien this time.  

To end on a positive note, if you are not SRK fan, and want to watch a flick then it is can be a option which won’t kill you the way SRK does. So make the choice.

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