Sherlock Holmes

sherlock-holmesAm not a great reader and of all the few novels I have read till date there has been one series which got me hooked the Sherlock Holmes. The simple explanations based upon good observation and logical analysis is indeed catchy and hence I was eagerly waiting for the movie.

Earlier Sherlock Holmes movies always lacked the charisma and style of the character and by the trailers it was clear that this one is different from the league. Guy Ritchie’s style which made Snatch so enjoyable is certainly at its best here. The movie has fast pace, nice story, two good actors in great characters [Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson] and nice cinematography, what else could you ask for?

Of course it is not all sunshine and there are pit holes; like for one I fail to understand if the movie belongs to crime, mystery, comedy or action genre. You get all of it in one go and this surely somewhere dampens the spirit. Surely Ritchie has given due importance to the nitty-gritty of Holmes working style, still sometimes things went overboard and the simple logic seemed to be lacking. As far as the master of disguise title of Holmes goes, things are kept very simple and plain here.  

Moreover I fail to understand why Ritchie wanted to portray the simple and logical sleuth who with his logical reasoning always helped his clients, as an action hero set to save the England and threw the bare chest Downey’s fist fight. The movie with all the puzzles and supernatural phenomena thrown in between reminded me of Da Vinci Code and obviously Angels and Demons and it surely looked like National Treasure set in Victorian England.

The camaraderie or bromance [as it is better explained in this case] between Holmes and Watson is likeable. The double minded Watson who wants to continue with Holmes but has to move out for his lady love; the mind games Holmes play in order to get Watson with him are actually cute. All in all it is a fun movie to watch which goes very easy with you, so you enjoy it.

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