Just Make It Simple!!!

After a long time I got some thing to write on, thanks to all the changes that occurred in my life in last 15 days or so. The enjoyment of my life was at its peak [and when u have reached the top, u have nowhere to go but to come down], it was sudden pat from god and within no time, like my other friends I was on 9 to 5 schedule. The very day I realized the importance of my freedom, I was sad but same time astonished to see the happiness of people around me. The reason was of course the “JOB”.  Any ways I shouldn’t really criticize at this point of time for it was hell more than a good break for me.

Now it’s been almost 15 days of my work and if someone is going to ask me what I am doing? , I would say:” Just Making Things Simple “.  This is what I have learned, in last few days.

This is not the first time I am interacting with foreigners but what I realized is for the first time. I worked for many of them but failed to understand their mindset on number of occasions [confessing]. It was the training session going on and we were around 18 people in classroom from all over India. The subject Sea Export was quiet familiar as we have studied it in our post graduation, so all were quiet confident for the knowledge they possessed [including me]. But all confidence and pride was shattered when my boss Martin asked a simple question. “Can anyone tell me what is weight measure?”. As usual my mates started shooting answers on him as if he has asked for some target practice. Believe me none of them was correct and finally he made us quiet for good 2-3 minutes. The silence was finally broken when he criticized us addressing INDIANS. He stated, “ I have observed that I don’t know why Indians don’t think and are always in a hurry to reply”. The statement was quiet repulsive but technically speaking he was right, in a sense that no body cared, what exactly he asked for?, they replied whatever they knew, irrespective and immaterial of question.

At this point of time I realized that we really have stopped thinking “basic and logic”. In our lives if somebody asks us a simple question we try to answer it from the extent of our knowledge. In a race to excel we have started stepping on step no. 2 and 3 without stepping on step number 1.  The primary thinking ability has lost some where, either we know the maximum or we don’t know.

Connecting it to my writing work in past, I used to get frustrated when buyer asks me for correcting assignment work several times. Sitting abroad they wanted only what they asked for and believe me no add on can fulfill their simple requirement.

Differentiating Indians with Americans & Europeans I must confess that the latter really had a strong foundation, their learning involves their mind. We all know that this doesn’t happen in India, the system is such that the real learning gets side lined. However exceptions are always there and my humble request from all is that, just try to make things simpler. This is the first thing I got from the Industry and hope will do some good at least to me in future.

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  1. Indian are lazy that is a well known fact. Evey body all over the world knows it except Indians. If you want to be wise you will have to study your subject thoroughly and deeply.

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