Life @ 23,24,25

Life is such a big thing, it keeps you motivated and  this motivation has helped me writing after almost an year. All this time I was just observing and analyzing, as what is happening around??

Its been 3 month when I completed an year long honeymoon period [Wt. people call a training period!!], ever since there is no turning back.  Time travel fast, I have always heard of that but these 3 months were the fastest of my 25 years of life. I don’t know about friend’s, if they share a mutual feeling or not or I am the only bone busy?

Everyday meetings [fun meetings] reduced to twice- thrice a week, this twice-thrice reduced to once a week and now it is almost when I have started forgetting the [close pals] faces even. Time has gone when we used to keep each other busy and now the bloody Work keeps everyone busy [not to blame you guys, I am also equally responsible]. Weekends were the only source to provide some leisure time but now stepping out on Sundays appears to be a piece of work..[Wt the f**k?]. Constant chattering with friends has been replaced by a long Silence.

Social networking appeared to be a good platform where friends can meet up, [but in my opinion] serves no better than mobile phones [like everybody have numbers but nobody dares to call..].

I always advocated for change, that’s the reason for years I kept my Line :”Change is always Good”[close ones knows about it] but seriously man this change aint working for me anymore.

Home sweet home,, where u expect some relief but believe me that makes life even more miserable.[No offence ,, generation gap]. Advice to all who put away: stay where you are, don’t even think of returning to your place or else you will loose what is called Happiness.

“Scarcity of your presence makes you valuable”.

Figuring a way out is not that easy, after all everyone has to earn their bread and butter. I hope whatever I felt must be same with many of you. Life is short,  and a major part of our lives is going waste in absence of FUN ….

I find fun with my friends; please look out where you find it, before it is too late.


Author: akki

I wont say writing is my passion, but i love to write things about life.... Humor .. ..

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