The Dieing Yamuna

The thought of writing this came to me long back but after months of delay I finally got the time to write. The idea generated during a discussion with a wise man[whom I consider wise]. The question associated is regarding the much talked subject Global Warming and lifelines of Northern India – The river Ganga & Jamuna.

As we are quiet aware that these two are responsible for quenching the thirst of northern India , same time we equally are aware of their depleting reserves and increasing pollution level . The problem is that we know each & every thing but still we are not willing to do something for good.

Delhi the capital of India is going to host Commonwealth Games 2010 in this summer , apart from the worries of infrastructural development[god knows whether they get completed on time or not ] there’s another fear which is troubling government these days. The fear of increased pollution level of river Jamuna which people here consider nothing more than a big drain. Over the years Government and number of NGO’s made efforts [more of show off] but all in vain. One can easily find Delhi’s CM Mrs. Shiela Dixit with brooms clearing the banks of Jamuna. Another question which arises here that if, she is so much concerned about the issue from these many years what has she done till now? Hundreds of Crores of rupees were given by government to clean Jamuna , but no body knows where they went and to whom they went. Now as Common wealth Games countdown had started all agencies are busy completing stadiums making flats , roads etc but still nothing has started for this river who is feeding Delhites day & night. I can only guess what will happen during the games. If a firangi would like to go for swimming in river he has to cross the electrified fence and government boards saying “ Beware 440 Volts Restricted Area Not allowed to Swim the water is highly polluted“. Imagine what would that foreign national think and what will happen to our Indian pride and honour { god knows what will happen ?}.

I am not in the intention to just discourage any move but here only want to point out that number of initiatives were taken but so far nothing has been done seriously[lack of willingness to continue]. One solution which I could collect it from that wise man was to clean Yamuna at the banks of Delhi without spending a single penny. He said India is a country of religion and people actually consider them as holy rivers so why not take advantage of such a thing for a social cause. He said that the only thing we need to do is to ask our dharma gurus to send their Shishyas for this social good. They will clean Yamuna and in return Government would compensate their Ashrams by providing suitable land on the river banks. I felt the idea is really good as you can get a work done just for nothing and with such a large workforce time taken would be really short.

But here question arises what happen to the river before and after Delhi where loads of industrial waste pours in every day? The answer is that if Delhi Government can do this why cant other state Governments. The problem of disposal of industrial waste remains with the government, I provided solution to one problem, government must think of the other because some thing has to be done shortly as time is running out.

“People fear that next war among human race is over oil,”

“I fear it is over water.”

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