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Except a handful of people, almost everyone I know told me to watch 3 Idiots and what a great movie it is. There was a time when it became the topic of discussion not only among students but during the class as well. Teachers started coating it and of course talked about characters and incidences every now and then. It was then that I finally decided to watch the movie, and to tell you the truth I did not liked it.

Recently I was told that I should not express explicit views without proper and full arguments to support them, if I want to be a good writer [I think it was with reference to ‘Non issue of Leak’]. Well I don’t know about being a good writer or about strong and proper arguments but I write what I feel right. And I know something not right about 3 Idiots.

For starters being a college student I find it really offending when 40 year old man play role of a 20 year old college student. If you can not get college students to play them then get someone who atleast looks like one. 10 years ago Amir Khan played one in Dil Chahta Hai, then he played it again in Rang De Basanti about 4 years ago; and if you think he was not old enough then, you have him now. I don’t know what is his obsession with playing a college student? And if he wants to do it then let him do it as a 40 year old collegiate and not 20 year old one.

On a more serious note, the movie kept on reminding me about Munnabhai MBBS; seemed to be an extension. Same gigs, same old laugh and climax; nothing new doing some jugad in case of a medical emergency. A straight case of old wine in new bottle, just that this time the wine is not that old either!

P.S. One desperate attempt to end the dry run. Don’t know why but all the thought process has stopped; nothing is flowing through it. Didn’t even want to post it, doesn’t make any sense but at the end I think I’ll do it.   

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