2009 is going

The New Year eve is couple of days away and everyday the newspapers are filled with numerous ads all the discs, pubs, lounges in and around the city are coming up with various deals. Just a few days back me and a friend happened to stroll to a disc at the wee hours of night and enquired about the charges and stuff. The bouncer at the entrance told us in his baritone only couple entry, no stags.

Few days back the same tabloid had a story about the plight of stags who are not allowed in the ‘hip and hap’ places in city. The strict couple only policy of city discs is such a big disappointment for all the stag who wants to be at the helms of affair [I don’t get it, what is it about going to a disc for having fun; there are so many other places where one can have gala time even if you are single ‘male’ especially if you are a bunch of such sort. Why die to go to a place where you are not welcomed. These discs however do allow single gals; it’s just the male species they have apprehensions with, still feminists fight for women equality. Bet they do!]. They say that stags create havoc and interrupt the normal working. Normal working you said! I thought nothing is working normally in discs. Anyways the article was about stag’s disappointment and by the look on their faces they seemed pretty pissed.

Today there is another article [in the same tabloid] which says the discs will allow the homosexual couples. When the law can why shouldn’t we argued one of the disc owners [The story of Article 377]. Guess this is some good news not only for them, but for stags as well; think twice. The same people say we will be vary of stags who can pose as gay couples to get an entry. We will check their authenticity. Clever thought but exactly how do you plan to do so? Some public display of affection might be a way out, but what if they faked it too? Then you will have two stags posed as gay in your disc; OMG!

The city is a funny place; Delhi lost the final one day match against Sri Lanka. Not only this one but it is expected to lose some more matches. May be they should stop the entry of stags there too; you may never know it might just click.

Anyways let us get to the topic; the going year had a lot to offer to everyone, not everyone but a lot. BJP got a new chief, Mr. Nitin Gadkari who plans to do a lot [finally someone new and different]. However no matter what you do Mr. Gadkari I don’t think you will be back in power, atleast for foreseeable future. With Rahul baba playing the son of soil and ‘garibon ka dost’ he is all set to be the PM next time. Not to mention after he ‘sacrificed’ the cabinet birth offered by PM he definitely pulled off a home run [as if one sacrifice by mother Sonia was not enough that he did it too]. It was a gift from the PM and you should not return one.

Gift reminds me, Swami Ramdev got one island near or in Scotland [don’t know for sure] as a gift from some NRI. It is called Peace Island. Peace is what we all need; President Obama got Nobel Peace prize [I won’t say a word about it no more]. Even the terrorists have been very peaceful this year [atleast for India]. Over a year and no terrorist activity, c’mon the news has become so boring. With nothing happening how exactly you expect news channels to make more blunders and get men killed. I won’t take any names here; people actually get pissed with me naming someone [Non Issue of Leak].

Anyways, more or less the eventful and peaceful [literally for me] year 2009 is about to end, and with a 2010 we all hope for a New Year New beginning.

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