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After a long wait of 17 years, the Liberhan commission report is finally out. The commission was set on a mind boggling act of Babri Masjid demolition; it took mind boggling time of 17 years to be completed and it was anticipated to make some mind boggling revelations hence the way in which this mind boggling report could have come to light was undoubtedly mind boggling; it got leaked.

It is not a water pipe that can get leaked on its own, and as it could be anyone’s guess, the report was brought to day light by none other than our daring reporter Ms. Barkha Dutt. You know her right? C’mon she tries so hard to be at the helm of every breaking news!

Let me refresh your memory here; remember her from the Kargil fame, the one on whom Preity Zinta’s Lakshay character is supposedly modeled. The one, who in heat of getting exclusive coverage is rumored to be behind false firing at Kargil. If not that, then the one who was constantly after Mr. Narender Modi’s life and calls herself the expert on Gujarat issues; till Mr. Modi again won in 2007 and silenced her, she was ready to put him on death row. It is believed she was practically modeling the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections as her versus Modi. Or remember the last year’s 26/11 Mumbai attack, where we can credit her for showing the complete movement of Indian commandos on live television and if not more, then I say the one feeding the terrorists with their live movements. If still you can’t recall her then you might remember the poor blogger Chyetanya Kunte, whom our independent and free journalism advocator Ms. Dutt sent a legal notice through her channel on one of his post which talked about her critical role while covering the Mumbai attack [it was strange though she got that blog post removed and an apologize posted instead, so much for freedom of expression. I pray to God she don’t read this post, else I might get one as well].

If you still can’t recall who Burkha Dutt is then you seriously need to stop following news and current affairs, she is the undoubted drama queen of Indian journalism or Rakhi Sawant of english journalism and you are the most ill-informed netizen from India.

Anyways coming back to the issue, Ms. Dutt brought the commission report to media before it was tabled in the parliament and as expected she argues her self-righteous ways as unquestionable. In an article in Hindustan Times 28th November ‘The Joke’s on Us’ she has written off everyone; the BJP, Liberhan Commission, its report everyone except herself. She writes “What should matter more- how a report on an undisputed moment of national shame ‘leaked’ its way into public domain or what its findings are?”  Continues with “given that we aren’t quite talking about State secrets or national security here, isn’t it time to stop diverting the debate to the non issue of the leak?”

Leak here is a non issue! I’ll take her word for it; a thief never says the issue is theft; it’s the circumstances under which the act is done. But a theft is a theft don’t matter what the extent of damage was or what the circumstances were, this is a different story.

Well Ms. Dutt agreed we are not talking about State secrets here, but if a report can be leaked then so can be state secrets. Given the fact only two other people had access to the report at that time, Justice Liberhan himself and off-course our own Home Minister Mr. Chidambaram [wonder why its always a home minister at the centre of some chakkar in UPA rule] one is not sure on how many prior instances you have had access to other sensitive documents. Who knows you might be ‘publishing’ them at some other place.

Still the issue is not the leak here because you have done it. If the public deserves to know about the report [which in any case was about to be tabled in parliament] then we also deserves to know how you can lay your hands on a confidential report. Moreover if the leak is a non issue here, then why don’t you simply reveal the source, I don’t see how it’ll make much difference to you, unless you plan to pull some other gimmick of this sort in future. Ms. Dutt why don’t you ‘leak’ the CAT or AIIMS entrance exam paper next time, it is no State secret either and hence it will be a non issue as well.

But still no one will question her, because it is Ms. Barkha Dutt who has done it, and she is a journalist who can do no wrong. She is the one who informs us about what is going on in our country and she deserves to know anything and everything. I wonder if our government will actually take the pains to identify her source or take some action against her. I even wonder any political party will stand up against her because then it will be crushing the free voice of media. I don’t think any NGO will go against her, because here no politician is involved and hence it is not a scam or act of corruption. Media is not talking about the leak because they don’t think they will get any TRP’s here and they don’t go against their own kind [loyalty I say] and we know it is a non issue, damn it is.

5 thoughts on “Non issue of leak”

  1. Burkha Dutt is a drama queen?????and is being equated with rakhi sawant? such strong opinions without any logical basis definitely cast aspersions on the writer’s knowledge and abilities..

    probably, ur conviction in ur stance is making u express urself in such strong words..! as they rightly say, writing objectively is a thing of the past !

  2. Those who don’t know the logic here, or want logical basis, will never find one. Sometime to see the logic you need to open your mind from the preset notions and pereptions, which is very hard to find if you don’t know all about her. Forget about all else, just the recent blogger Chyetanya Kunte case. Try google and read something about it! And as far as writing objectively being a thing of past is concerned, it is there untill journalists like Ms. Dutt are here; they do it everyday, just it don’t appears to be objective as it is done by 99.9% of so called intelligetsia and intellects together, and hence seems to be the unbiased right general belief; something against them is so rare that it is bound to be objective [it happens when you follow too much news or read too much of our intellects, but thats another story]. But that is the whole point behind zhagdoo, so I’ll take that as a compliment. As far as my knowledge and abilities are concerned, ain’t got any, so doesn’t really matters.

  3. With an admittedly open backing like ‘i’ve got no knowledge and abilities’, i wonder how far this blog is likely to go..

    Besides, being vocal against intelligenstsia has got to do nothing with being objective. U’d be objective is u were to treat everyone equally and not write pieces with colored vision and blinkers on..!
    The purpose of ur peice i blv was to make ppl see some logic in ur argument, however, if they fail to see any, u cant just blame their common sense or the lack of it…

  4. The moment you declared it ‘with coloured vision and blinkers on’ and illogical, all the debate ended. No matter what I write or for that matter anyone else does, nothing will change. As I said earlier, the need is to open the mind first and then read it. It is the classic case of trying to fill the already full glass; the need is to empty the glass first. I won’t be surprised if you still haven’t read about the Kunte case [and am not blaiming anyone even if they find it utter nonsense; its their perspective]. Secondly doesn’t matter what I say about my knowledge and abilities, if there are any they’ll speak for themself. Moreover you don’t need knowledge and abilities to make a blog work; infact you don’t need them anywhere; else am sure majority of us would be out of work then. Thanks for your concern but don’t worry about the future of the blog. Just one question at the end, do we deserve to know from where she got this report?

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