All back to normal, allll isz well!!!

Came Friday the 12th and went by; Sharukh’s ‘My Name is Khan’ released with pack houses and a big smile on his face. No interruption from Shiv Sena, praise for the Maharashtra CM and of course big grin on all the anti Thakrey communities on facebook, orkut, myspace.

CM Chavan said he will provide the multiplexes all the security they need, wont let anything happen and you bet he did. It is just that he got too busy with the movie and Khan that he forgot about the internal security of the rest of the state and we had blasts in Pune. The best part is all were happy that Shiv Sena didn’t do anything and praised the CM for his effort but none talk about the Pune blasts.

You think its strange, listen to this then; the home minister of our God forsaken country said, Pune blast is not an intelligence failure, the bomb was in a backpack and it is not possible to check every backpack in a city like Pune. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Am totally lost and so is our home minister. Isn’t this what we call intelligence failure? Never mind!

All the newspapers and the intelligentsia are busy talking about the fading glory and declining effect of Thakreys. How the modern Indians are liberal and the youth is not concerned with the ‘Marathi Manoos’ plank anymore. The government is busy preparing for peace talks and yes finding out if the ‘Batla House’ encounter was fake. The opposition has stopped talking at all, whenever they do it’s because of their infighting and when it is not the media labels them communal. And we are too busy with ‘We hate Thakreys’ and ‘Shahrukh we are with you’ campaigns. No one seems to be remotely interested in doing something about terror. Terrorism is so outdated dude; no one cares about it no more.

You know what bugs me the most, our attitude. It seems we have taken terrorism as a normal routine of our life. We are so well adjusted and so used to it now that something like Pune mishap don’t even ring the bells. And now thanks to Amir Khan, we have aslo learned a new way of handling our troubles; you know ‘Hoth ghooma siti baja, siti baja ke bol bhaiya alllll isz well’.

After Mumbai I thought things will change and for a year it looked good, but then it all started to get so boring; no terror strikes, no killing, nothing. But now thanks to Pune blast and Maharashtra CM for leting it happen, all the boredom has vanished all back to normal and alllll isz well.

P.S. The Lashkar has claimed the responsibility for Pune blast. I don’t think it is them. We, who fail to act everytime before and after these strikes, are the ones who should take the responsibility of all the killings. You don’t do a pretty good job fighting terror, you either do it or you don’t.

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