That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!

One after another 3 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in a matter of dozen minutes. Another sad day, which took away 18 lives so far and left many undead, another anniversary to mourn, another candle march to observe; just another day in the life of Bharatiyas.

It took me 3 days to gather thoughts and another 3 to be able to write them; it is not that the thoughts are not there, but already so many times, everything has been said, feelings expressed, anger vented, protests made and a blast every now and again is nothing but a routine. For almost two decades now we are continuously suffering at the hands of terrorists; there is a complete generation that is born and brought up under their constant shadow and small blasts that killed meagerly 18, is not a cause of concern.

Yes we are brave and we face these threats and terrorists acts with a daring face. We are not scared of them and every time we are struck with any such tragedy, we pick ourselves up and we carry on with our lives, as if nothing happened. But at what cost? Till when will we keep on ignoring the clear and present danger? Will we ever stand up to it, or we will just keep on picking ourselves up (and yes I mean literally as well)?

The frequent terror strikes make everyone scared and the repeated failures to curb it make us angry. But what really pisses me off is when instead of fighting terrorism, incompetent people, sitting in responsible positions, start making stupid excuses to justify their failure. Our home minister says it is not an intelligence failure; we never had any information about this particular incident. Somebody ask the smart guy, if this is not an intelligence failure, then what is? Is no intelligence, not an intelligence failure? Whom you are kidding?

Even a step ahead is the so called youth icon of this country, budding politician Mr. Rahul Gandhi; he claims 99% of times we are stopping terrorist attacks, and they will happen 1% of times. It can’t be stopped. 1% might be an acceptable figure for you, but ask someone who lost a loved one, what this 1% failure of yours means to him / her. Mr. Digvijay Singh says, we are still better than Pakistan, over there the number of blasts is far more than what we have here. Saying anything on what he has to say would be an insult to every sane soul alive.

The security agencies are equally dumb. They declare red alert after the blast. What the hell! What is the point, just to harass the people and cause them more inconvenience. There is no concept of prevention, only post incident damage control and they are not good at that as well.

I bet if the terrorists do not kill you, then one day you will surely die of their stupidities. Please for god sake; stop taking us for a ride. We get it, you are of no good, and we don’t care anymore. Just don’t think of us as idiots to fall for your stupid actions and lame excuses.

We are tired! Tired of all the death around; tired of innocent being killed; tired of false promises being made; tired of the inaction; tired of the politics being played; tired of feeling insecure. For once we want to be safe, in our homes, in our city, in our own country. We want to know that long forgotten feeling of security once again.

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