One Day at Viva!!!

It happened yesterday when I realized that, yes it actually had happened. Many of my classmates were busy on their laptops studying hard for the viva of marketing management [the champu’s subject, one bit slighter on strong side] as I entered the class.

The group to which I belong was busy in the making of report and proposals [all foolish work according to me]. I also started studying not for the viva but for the exams just a week ahead. Meanwhile champu was busy attending the other classes, asking all useless questions [basically according to the type of boys, as girls were on the hit list]. Time passed form 9: AM in the morning to 6: 30 PM in the evening. Faces lost their grin; all were exhausted, the dialogue that we love to say often [“what the ‘F’ yaar?] Got shifted to “What the ‘H’ yaar?” It seemed that bad luck was smiling on us and it was very difficult to get rid of it. Slowly the turn for the viva of ‘H’  came and it was only the boys who were left as girls had already taken the advt. of biasness. It was 7:30PM when the door opened and all the desperate guys rushed in for the damned process. But it hurt his ego [the management teacher’s ego] and he just took the attendance and asked all to leave. The management of marketing management teacher taking viva of 350 students in a day.  Then I remembered that it’s not his fault as DIA {people no what DIA means , Blood Diamond}. Even towards the end I was left alone on the streets of college [nobody was there, who can give me some lift, it seemed all of a sudden everyone vanished]. Bad luck departed for sometime when Omi and DK two good pals returned and took me along to their place. I was slightly relived when DK and I decided to finish accounts after taking short nap. But time went like a space shuttle leaving earth and it was 1:00 AM in the morning [we were still gossiping]. Then I went on sleep while DK started teaching his roommate. I woke up at 8 in the morning and got fresh to study Accounts [DK has promised to teach] but Mr. DK was still asleep. The short hand of clock completed full three circles until I started writing this stuff.

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