MP- Mobile [MANIAC] Phones!!!

Mobile phones are one thing which almost everyone is carrying around. Age, religion, sex, occupation, social status and caste are the parameters which no longer define the genre of mobile phone users. From a school going child to the person doing PhD, from the peon of a local-small office to the M.D of an MNC, from housewives to Home minister, everyone is using a mobile phone, courtesy cheap handset and schemes like lifelong validity, anyone can own one and that too at throw away prices. But this entry is certainly not about the increasing no. of mobile phone [MP= mobile phone or maniac phone as they should better be called] users or about the reason behind this increasing no.

There are few syndromes which are very common with people using the MP’s especially when the user falls in the age bracket of 13-20. In my college people [note: especially gals] used to roam in the entire college with one hand on their ear and kept talking on their MP’s for the whole day, without even taking any breaks [wonder how come their batteries never went dead?] and with whom did they talked for so long? My MP hardly rang in the whole day, and whenever it did more than half the times it was some stupid gal [do not think a lot] just trying to sell me some bank policy or giving me a loan.

I never understood as to what these people used to talk about, and whatever the matter they were discussing it never saw a conclusion. The topic must have been of some top priority and needed urgent attention because they were to be seen doing this for the whole day and that means missing out almost all the classes [I guess they must be having some kind of fortune to pay-off their hefty bills]. Moreover it looked to me that the matter was concerning national security and highly confidential, as they always went into the most inaccessible corners of the college and the duration of their call is always directly proportional to the distance from other students around. Larger is the distance longer the call lasts. Now these kind of users can be seen anywhere. Someone going in rickshaw or someone walking on the road will be having their one hand glued to their ear. So they are not hard to locate and I feel very soon this syndrome will definitely have a name like- AGTP [always glued to the phone] or SDMP [Sara din mobile par] or something like that.

Well that’s all about the people suffering from this syndrome. Recently I lost my MP and have not taken a new one till yet [why? Is another interesting story, perhaps later] and whenever I tell someone who asks for my mobile no. that I don’t have one, then they are astonished to a height first, reconfirms it again and then gives me a very suspicious kind of look as if I am from mars. But believe me going without a MP is so much fun and relieving that it cannot be explained in words. For this exotic experience try forgetting your ‘Maniac Phone’ at some inaccessible place for a while.

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