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Being in a B school means listening to never ending lectures and when you are tired of them, then there are more lectures. You also have those special sessions to attend by some guest speaker or by your own DG [director general, well there are other names as well which abbreviates as DG in the college, but I don’t think it is the right place to talk about them].

 This reminds me of a lecture by our beloved DG [well yes beloved! All the love which students and faculty has for him was visible on his birthday. Am not sure if that was actually love or just a means of getting into the boss’s good books, something very necessary in corporate world, my first lesson at Asia’s biggest and largest international B school]. Coming back to the lecture, he was telling us something about future planning and said that even before a child is born, his/her parents starts planning as to what he will become in his life. They always have great plans for his career. They dream of him becoming a doctor, engineer or some hot shot business professional. Nobody wants their son to be a dacoit or a terrorist for that matter.


Excuse me, did he just said dacoit or a terrorist? Sounds like a good idea, but it is like no one wants their child to be one. But why not?  


I once met a small kid [kid brother of one of my friends] who actually wanted to be a ‘bhai’. Well he was [and perhaps still is] a big Sanjay Dutt fan. His movies like ‘Vaastav’, ‘Plan’, ‘Munnabhai’ and many more were among his favorites. He knew he has an elder brother who is a gangster as he calls him ‘bhai’, and he also aspired to become ‘bhai’ one day.  


Sanjay Dutt is not the first bollywood actor, who being the hero of the movie, is a don or gangster. Back in the 70’s or 80’s [can’t say for sure] Amitabh Bachan did quite a handful of roles in which he was a gangster. These movies portrayed ‘bhaigiri’ as just another profession, due to which no innocent is affected. Am sure many small kids would have inspired to be one back then also.


Coming back to the topic, how about a day when the middle class families will actually start seeing ‘bhaigiri’ and terrorism as a viable career option for their kids. Then their mothers will say something like this, my son just became a suicide bomber and very soon he will be having his first [and mind you last] mission.


There will be institutes giving professional training in these career options. India’s premier institutes will be renamed as [source some forwarded mail]

·        AIIMS – All India Institute of Militant Science

·        IIT – Indian Institute of Terrorism

·        IIM – Indian Institute of Militancy


Some of India’s best professionals in these fields will be coming out of them. The day first batch will graduate from there, will be a day to remember. Because these institutes are known for producing best not only in the country, but also in the world. Imagine the huge revolution they will bring in the world of crime and terrorism. Indian will become the new hub for terrorist training. And with the population of over 1 billion, there will be no dearth of students enrolling in them.


What am I saying? This doesn’t makes any sense. I guess this is what happens to your thought process when you enroll to become an MBA [Master in Bomb A(E)xplosions].

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