I really find some things very ironical.Indian people’s obsession with things that are western.Be it their complexion ,women , etc.Why are Indians so obsessed with western things?Why are they so obsessed that they even try to pick up on the slangs that these westerners say?I find it very irritating when I see people with such behavioural trends.The most ironical part about the whole thing is that Indians ape all that is western.What they fail to ape or do not want to ape are the good qualities that these people have.Let’s start with hygiene for that matter.There are many people who in their attempt to ape the westerners speak obscene words try and dress like them speak in a false accent and if they happen to visit one of these western countries they can go on about it for years together.They even manage to find an audience who listens to them.But how many of these people actually care to use a dustbin , be careful about not spitting on roads , not talking loudly on mobile phones or not mercilessly honking without a care in the world.Traffic as it is stresses people out .Why do people in India add to the stress by adding noise pollution to it.Things abroad are much better and good.Why do they not try to make India like that.All people have to do is follow rules.There are people who say nothing can happen in India?Why?Well it might take years but people can atleast initiate things.

There are many people in India who like the way the western companies work.I have acquaintances and they told me quite a lot of things about the work culture where they had worked when abroad.There are many things that Indian companies require to know.To start with to be professional.In many cases it happens that people in the offices of India tend to have an emotional or egoistic issues but no professionalism.Why is it so?People who have worked abroad and are now back in India can go on and on about the professionalism and experiences in other companies they have had worked when they were abroad.But once they are back how much do they try to include that same standard and quality in their offices?

Ironically Aerobics and going to Gymnasium is something very popular in India.Tell someone to join a Yoga class they would refuse to do that.Baba Ramdev is a joke with so many people.But tell these very Indians that Madonna does power Yoga and one can see these very people going back in large numbers to join yoga classes. Why are Indians like this?Indians associate so many good things with these westerners what do westerners generally relate Indians to?High population ,brash behaviour ,disrespect to women and unhygienic conditions.

Are the Indians even aware of the reputation that they have abroad?I do not deny the fact that there are many Indians who has done us proud.Many Indian people whom people abroad look up to.Is it not time that Indians learnt a thing or two from these Indian people who has given a good name to India ,rather than just aping the common westerners?

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