Yesterday was the festival of Rakshabandhan. It is one of the most celebrated festivals all over India. Like every other festival or celebration or anything on the face of this earth, this festival too has some very unique features or characteristics.

First things first, Rakhi is loved by everyone [not Rakhi Sawant, although everyone loves her with a totally different set of feelings] but here we are talking about the festival of Rakshabandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, except a few. Yes you read it correctly; there are people who do not like this festival. These are the people who falls in the age bracket of 14-24, in peculiar cases the upper limit even sometimes stretches to 28, 29 up to 30 [but those are a totally different class of people]. These are the people who think of themselves as super-cool hunks. By now am sure you must have understood about this special class of people. If still no then these are the same people who are known by various names, the most common of which is campus Romeos. Now why they do not like this festival you must have guessed by now, but the point to note about them is that they are much-a-do about nothing. They unnecessarily creates a lot of fuss as if a gang of gals will actually tie them a Rakhi forcefully against their wish just to get rid-off them. Someone please tell them that these 21st century gals are no ‘abla naris’ who will take refuge of such out of fashion, un-cool and pathetic measures.

Moreover Rakhi is one festival whose celebration on campus is miniscule. Except for few senti-mental students no one really gets involved in celebrating it.

On Rakhi each and every car, which any household in this city holds is out on the road. Believe me people who never sits in their cars to go somewhere, forget about seldom, take them out on the road on this day, for the sake of bhai-behan ka milap. But increased number of vehicles and traffic jams is not the worst part of this phenomenon. It is that most of the drivers this day on the road are aunties. These ladies are the ones who sharpens their driving skills for the whole year in their kitchens just for a day like this, when they gets to show their driving skills and do the honors of driving the new car from one corner of the city to other.

Instead of all these unique characteristics this is one festival, which almost everyone enjoys a lot and celebrates with so much love and affection. This is one festival which brings you nearer to your brothers and sisters, strengthens the family bond, when Ekta Kapoor is trying so hard to tell us that all the problems in our life is just because of one of our sibling. All her effort goes in vain just because of festival like this. So I guess this makes her too a member of the Rakhi [not Sawant] hating Club.

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