In my “Post Rakhi Post” I talked about the few things which are synonymous with this bhai-behan ka tyohar, one of them being the huge number of cars with women drivers (WMD) on the road. Almost every week there is some article or the other in some leading newspaper about Delhi cabs will be soon having WMD (not weapons of mass destructions), and how women are more responsible than male drivers. Then we also see articles about how the capital treats the women driving all alone, by giving those odd glances. So this post is about the WMD on the road and a few (quite odd) experiences which I have had with them. I won’t be surprised if after reading this post, some of you especially females, may regard my views as gender racist (don’t know even if it’s a valid term or not?), but let me tell you that these are real life experiences without any fabrications.

To begin with, in personal I do not have anything against female drivers, nor this concept is new to me, as I have seen my mom and other aunts driving since day one. Infact, unlike most of the cases, instead of my dad, it was my mom who taught me how to drive. But despite of the fact that my driving teacher was a female and I have full faith in her driving skills, courtesy her good track record of almost zilch accidents, every time I see a WMD on road, I become extra cautious (I guess they really look like weapon of mass destruction to me). I maintain more distance than usual and try to be as far as possible from them. If you will ask me why? I do not know. May be this is the reason why men gave unusual stares (as the newspapers claim, although I completely disagree) to WMD’s, just to go as far as they can from them and be extra cautious.

I still remember the day when I took lift from one of my college lecturer, and to my dismay that day; instead of a ‘Wagon-R’ it was a ‘Honda Activa’ which she brought from the parking lot. Now you can understand what a traumatic experience it would have been for me, first because I was sitting at the pillion seat of an ‘Activa’, with my college lecturer on the driver’s seat, and secondly, the journey which generally takes anywhere between 45-55 minutes on my bike, ended in little over 30 minutes.

Well this one’s still better than, when another day a WMD came in front of me from nowhere, as she jumped a red light while taking a right turn; with one of her hand busy holding her mobile phone. Immediately a cop pulled her over and she snapped back by saying that as you are not traffic police, so why stopping her? Will anyone of you dare to even think about doing something so daring? I guess not. Another world known fact is the speed with which these WMD’s roam on the streets. There is no one who can match up their pick-up, speed and skills when it comes to ‘wrooooming’, am sure they will do wonders in events like ‘Formula-1’ and ‘Superbike’.

There are many more instances on which one can witness the dare-devilness of WMD’s, still almost nil cases of accidents being caused by them. I guess this is the reason why on these mean streets we need WMD’s, but remember always maintain extra distance be extra cautious whenever you witness a WMD (women driver=weapon of mass destruction) on the road, coz where WMD’s are concerned always expect the unexpected.

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