Gone are the days when India was considered a backward nation and the Indian economy was dependant only upon the agricultural sector. Since independence, a great transformation has been noticed in every aspect of Indian economy. Whether you talk about industries, utilities, infrastructure, education or health, Indian economy is going great guns.

India has done remarkably well in the education sector also. The most amazing fact discovered is that Indian education system has now placed itself as the third largest and popular education system in the world. Some of the popular institutions like IIM and IIT’S have upgraded the level of quality students and make them stand equivalent to the students passed from many famous universities aboard. Their level of learning is quite high and are graded as quality professionals all over the world.

The syllabus unlike previous times does not hold just few subjects. today some fresh subjects are included in the course that provide a different class and standard. Indian education system has gone through tremendous transformation in these sixty one years of independence and is still prospering at the same pace. The inclusion of various dynamic subjects has been deliberately made so as to make the youth learn different subjects and increase their knowledge graph.

The Indian education sector has worked hard to improve the standards. Practical knowledge is weighed today as education is no more confined to just the theoretical lessons only.

Timely workshops, educational trips to museums and art galleries along with extra curricular activities are something included in course that offer the children an edge to develop interest for certain other things in life and become an all rounder.

The education system in India has spread its arms in embracing all the possible positive changes and developments so as to bestow a bright and quality career to the Indian youth. Also setting up of high grade universities and colleges delivering excellent class of knowledge is another step the Indian government has taken to improve the quantity and quality of education.

The Indian education system is also working hard to enlighten the weaker sections of society to carry over the education and ‘SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN’ is one such example… Indian education authorities have provided the clause for free education to the children under age of fourteen for weaker sections and backward classes. This is  done to ensure the absolute literacy rate all over India.

The literacy rate is certainly improved, thanks to the useful steps taken by the Indian government..I hope the flaws of reservation quota will be solved soon so that the Indian education system touch peaks of quality and standards.

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