Actually what is wrong with the society today….Sexual abuse has always been a topic of discussion…but today it has reached a miserable n ridiculous state….

I mean there was this news item which claimed that an employer
exploited his maid servant daily…raped her..she went through an abortion thrice…

Then there is an incident where a 10 year old girl is eve-teased…dragged through the road..hospitalized..

Next some public school scene…even medical check up involves sexual abuse of students…

Also some school teacher involved in forcing girls into

Stepfather harassing daughter..

Woman stripped off on New Year’s Eve at the ‘Gateway of India’….

The list of such astonishing incidences is truly endless…Its like “what the hell is happening??”
Why don’t people mess with someone at least their own age n stature…why victimize the helpless..??

Maids are brought to developed cities from tribal areas…many of them don’t even understand your language…they are not even capable of escaping from the traumatic conditions they r in n reaching there hometowns…Then whats the fun of dominating over someone who s already so weak??

School children..who have barely attained there puberty, are targeted…What satisfaction do they even get out of them???

Every day the capital itself of such a large democracy experiences such disgusting n heinous crimes…what the hell are we supposed to do with the democracy or the development…??

Any crowded place any female goes to..for instance take the world famous ‘Blue line buses’..she would never return without a pinch on her butt or a pat on her back….How exciting is that..rite!!??? It’s not just stares anymore…its gone much beyond..u know what i mean ( i don’t want to be too literal in my very first post…)..By ignoring n keeping shut women today just give an evidence of being the ‘weaker sex’…which they definitely are NOT..

So this is to each moron involved in such acts…”Get a Life u Loser..!!”

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