During the days of my Graduation, i was living away from home and in my college campus in suburbs of a small city in Uttar Pradesh. My college a Christian minority institute was located in a densely populated Muslim town, with a population of approximately 8000 students from each corner of this grand subcontinent, mine institute was the main source of living for the local Muslim and non muslim population.

Well, my post has nothing related with my institute except the fact that these four years allowed me to meet people from all religion persisting and surviving in this country coming from each and every part from the country…even from remote area and communities like small tribes in jharkand and chattisgarh or small hilly towns of north-east, or students from area like Baramulla in kashmir and the list goes on. These four years proved to be a great learning curve in my life as they landed with a wonderful chance to study different religion and different cultures, different problems and different solution.

This post is also not about about my experiences but this is about a trend i observed in some special set of students. For instance in these four years i had good chance to interact with some kashmiri muslims most of them were students of Masters degree or even PhD. i mean to say they were highly qualified but i dont know why they didnt accepted INDIA as there country as there nation.

They were studying in India, they are living in India and within couple of years they will work in India but when question about faith arises, question of loyalty arises they are with our beloved neighbor. The question is why? Why they are not accepting India is there land. Why they do this? i will give you one very true example India versus Pakistan cricket match was going on tense situation was there on the field and then off the field in common room of boys hostel there was indication of battle between guys supporting India and all those KASHMIRI guys. Pakistan looses match and TV set in our hostel room is now no more. After that bloody cricket match in 2003 our common room went deprived of TV Set fir 3 Years and Kashmiri guys are deprived of hostel room till date.

Even today a Kashmiri guy never get tired boosting about pakistans strength and saying that India is NOT OUR NATION.

Now, let me get on the other set of students we had a huge population of students arriving from North Eastern side of India. Theese students are popularly known as CHINKIS in whole North India. I had couple of good chinki friends and i also love to call them CHINKI… but not to hurt them.

But you will be astonished when i will tell you that one of my friend from northeast almost went into tears when i asked him how do you feel when any of us calls you CHINKI. he said chinki basically is term for those who are related to China but they are not chinese they are Indian and they have right to be called as INDIANS. they are as much an Indian as we are . Is India NOT THEIR NATION.

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  1. so true..its just that we bother about the ones who are least bothered..n forget the ones who need the concern n also value it….weird strategies have been made..even we have the so called “chinkis” in our college…my college in bangalore…so there are three categories of people….one south indians (karnataka, andhra, tamil, kerala) , second north indians (everything above MP is north india..n it ranges from rajasthan to west bengal) , n then is the third category of “chinkis”…weird it is!!

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