The Brave Indians. . .

Saturday the13, two days afer the 9/11 anniversary, was a black day in the history of Delhi, or Bharat for that matter. One after other ‘Dil walon ki Dilli’ was rocked by 5 explosions, all occurring in busy market places in the heart of the city.

When the news of the serial blasts spread I was in another busy and famous market of Delhi, Kamla Nagar. Initially it was just a rumor and a point to joke about. But very soon, all of a sudden increase in the numbers of cops on the streets, some with sniffer dogs confirmed the news to be true. A grave situation for a market place, which if seen practically can be the next target. This was the news about biggest tragedy which the city has faced after the 2005 Diwali blasts. Still for most of the people there, it was just a matter to joke about.


Except the cops no one was feeling the heat. Everyone was busy shopping, chit chatting and having a good time. People were actually making fun by pointing out at things and saying ‘arrey yeh toh nahi hai bomb’ [is this the bomb?]. I got a call from my home as well, my mother asking me to come home immediately. But like others for me also there was nothing to worry about and I was telling her to chill.


In the news it was shown that a few live bombs were also found which were disposed to avert any mishap. One of the bombs was disposed by a beat constable, who overheard the conversation of two rag pickers outside regal cinema, talking about a clock in the dustbin. He did not wait for the bomb disposal squad, but took the matter in his own hands and with a brick broke the clock to prevent the bomb from exploding [a brave act to do, or rather stupid I should say].


At another place when the disposal squad was diffusing the bomb huge number of people gathered around them to witness it [what is there to see? Is this some magic show going on? Think about the bomb exploding at that time, the number of causality would have increased manifolds as compared to other instances]. The news also talked about low intensity explosions at the M-block market in GK. Just because only one or two people got killed, you are calling it low intensity explosion [every explosion is an explosion meant to cause harm. What is the funda behind calling it low intensity?].  


Well the point which I am trying to make here is simple; we Indians are very brave people. Serial bomb blast is news to joke about. Diffusing a live bomb is once in a lifetime scene to watch, so do not miss it, even if it means risking your life. A place which can be the next target becomes a picnic spot to have a hearty laugh about bomb exploding there. But why?


Its not that we are not affected by such mishaps, or we don’t care about others. It is not that we are so ignorant that we can’t see the present danger. But over the years so many terrorist attacks, so many dead people, so many causalities that it all has become a daily routine for us.


People do care for each other. Late in the evening there were many calls and sms’s asking if everything is fine? But we don’t make fuss about most of the things. We have accepted all this as a part of life. It is our never dying spirit, which makes us stand apart from the rest. Despite being the longest affected country by terrorism, we are not the worst affected.


Perhaps this is the reason why we go so easy with the people who commit such heinous crimes against humanity. May be this is the reason why we are so forgiving to the perpetuators of such acts. May be this is the reason why we tend to forget about things very easily and quickly move on. But isn’t it time that we change this attitude of ours? Isn’t it time that we do make fuss about such mishaps? Isn’t it time to bring the culprits to justice? If yes, then what are we waiting for? To first become the worst hit country by terrorism?

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