Mumbai Mayhem Phase III; The Aftermath!

One certain thing about the Mumbai Nariman House [home to a Jewish organization] terrorist attack, it was due to the hatred against Jews. It was not spontaneous killing, but a pre planned attack. Had the sole aim of terrorists was to kill Jews; they would have done it in any country with substantial Jewish population. With the Jew killing in India, various countries all of a sudden woke up to the idea of terrorist organizations operating from Pakistani soil. This is the first time that the US is directly pressurizing Pakistan to check the terrorist outfits operating from there. But then why the terrorist will do something that will cause problem to Pakistani government?

After being displaced from Afghanistan, Pakistan is the new base of Taliban. It is gathering mass support there and the border areas adjacent to Afghanistan are their stronghold. Rumor has it that Taliban is planning to establish their own government in Islamabad in order to make Pakistan its complete operational base And if these rumors are to be believed then the current pressurizing of Pakistani government is what they want.

They knew after Mumbai, we will definitely talk about retaliation and there are two ways of it. One is open war and second the diplomatic way; and either of the ways unstabilizes the current Pakistani government. As risking open war is by no means solution to any problem, it merely complicates things. So the latter option is the viable way to deal with it.

The concept of terrorism is bred and brought by Pakistan. But now Pakistan itself is terrorism affected state, and by any means far more severely affected than us. Everyday there is bomb blast, people gets killed, and political leaders are assassinated. In the year 2006 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh acknowledged that much like India Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism.

The point is simple, right now Pakistani government is not in a position to check the activities of the terror outfits operating from its soil, even if they want. Once the brain child of Pakistan, these terrorist organizations are not under its control anymore. Had they been, Pakistan would have never become a victim itself. Late Benazir Bhutto would not have got assassinated and current President Zardari would have nailed the killers of his wife.

Under such circumstances pressing Pakistan to take action is only weakening the government there. Practically the government is not in a position to do anything. The public there is accusing them of acting under the US influence and helping the enemy. And if they just sit quietly then we are after their life. With the government crumbling under pressure, it is bound to fall, and this is what Taliban has in mind. Once the government is down, it won’t take much for them to establish their rule.

Everyday the media is full of news about India getting world support; Pakistan is ignoring all the evidences provided by India, India is becoming more and more firm in demanding action against terror outfits. And this is the point where our diplomacy and foreign policy is proving to be a failure in the Phase-III of Mumbai Mayhem.

Right now we need to understand that President Zardari is neither the sole commanding authority there and nor capable of destroying the terror outfits. These organizations have become self sustaining, grown bigger and destructive way beyond our imagination. These are no longer mindless people ready to kill, but well organized outfits capable of causing great harm.

Hence we need to stop blaming Pakistani Government for all the terror attacks happening on India. For the first time any Pakistani President talked about joint investigation. Right now President Zardari is offering us access in Pakistan; an opportunity which should not be missed. He himself is in need of our help; because the way things are going he knows he won’t be able to survive for long. It is a mutual help process; with his support India can do a lot on Pakistani soil to solve the terrorism problem and he can get into better commanding position.

Help Pakistan! Our government will surely draw huge amount of criticism for it. But now is the time we start doing what is right and is needed in order to make things right and not what some people considers right.

However if we will continue like this, then soon a new government will be formed in Pakistan which will be headed by someone like General Musharaff, who will be of the likes of Taliban and then what the situation will be for India is anyone’s guess.

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  1. You are right Mate i can not agree upon more.
    Mr. Zardari is the best President for Pakistan as far as India is concerned.
    This was a golden opportunity to set our own people in Pakistan, But in the manner in which Indian Diplomats and Media is acting, I am sure Mr. Zardari will take a U-Turn and step back to old policies of Pakistan.
    He do not have any other option when Indian Diplomats and Media are not able to understand his offer and his Problems.

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