Let us NOT hang Kasab

He shall be hanged by neck till he is dead! That’s what Judge M.L. Tahilyani said for Ajmal Kasab, while giving the verdict almost one hand a half year later, in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case. Nothing surprising about the verdict, all have long seen it coming. Had Kasab been acquitted then it would have been a real shame for the Government, investigating agencies and of course our judicial system. But they all knew it and hence we didn’t see any such debacle in this case. But should Kasab really be hanged?

I mean not that he doesn’t deserve to, but then there are so many people in our country who deserve so much and they don’t get it. So why not Kasab be one of them? A sense of deprivation is a bigger punishment then a meager death. For all the life sentences he has got, he will be sitting in prison and thinking I don’t deserve this, I deserve to die. I should get what I deserve and he won’t get it. Welcome to India.

Secondly keeping him alive will give our intelligence a chance to utilize the special cell they have built to ensure the safety of Kasab. In case you don’t know, during the trial our intelligence and security forces have constructed a multimillion dollar special prison cell to ensure the safety of Kasab. Once he is dead all the tax payers’ money being used to keep him alive will go waste. So please let us not kill him.

Moreover by not hanging him, the UPA government will make all the human rights activists, organizations and NGO’s, who all are against capital punishment so happy. Government will get more browny points from them. This is so funny; all these organizations always start talking about human rights when some gangster, terrorist or maoist is being killed. Guess all the security personnel or the just another regular guy don’t have any rights.

Also by keeping him alive the government keeps the option of another plane hijack open. Ideal scenario for the UPA, you don’t hang him, NDA comes to power and another mishap like Kandhar where NDA releases him for the life of innocent people and then you can criticize NDA for doing the right thing and get applause from NDTV for not doing the right thing.

Then there is always the Afzal Guru precedent. He has not been hanged till date, after being given death penalty by the Supreme Court in 2004; in Kasab’s case it is not even the High Court who has produced the verdict. Even if all of them find him guilty then there is always clemency from the President, or atleast a pending case of mercy, reason enough for not hanging him.

But if at all the government plans on hanging him, then how long you think it will take to hang Kasab? This is one question which I have been thinking about. Given the past record of our present government at the centre this could actually take a while. Or on the contrary to pacify things about the pending mercy plea of Afzal Guru they just might expedite things a little bit in this case. But ‘TII’ [This is India] and anything is possible; and for the time being let us not hang Kasab.

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