Hi again as i mentioned in my last blog of getting bored i was getting bored so i tried writing a story in my this new blog

KANTI         GOVERNMENT             SCHOOL

Once upon a time in an old village there was a government school naming KANTI GOVERNMENT SCHOOL .It was very bad conditioned school . The walls were broken , paint scrapped and teacher were unpaid . the condition of school was worse . No one wanted to admit their child in that school , and the children studying in that school also tried to improve the condition of that ruined building but it was of no use . One day the whole village gathered in a meeting to improve the building. SOmeone said to write a letter , other said it was no use reply never comes back after wring any letter. At the end result was nothing .It was village’s third meeting about the issue of that old ruins .most of the time in school there was water shortage . So all children gathered one day and thoght for a solution . They discussed and planned for a march . This march has to be started  next sunday at 10 :00 am in front of Rohit’s house  . It had to pass their school the passing 6 villages finally reach nearby city and return. The city’s name was kundlinagar . So all was decided that week all prepared banners and slogans for march . It was a busy week for children . And when sunday came they all were ready at Rohit’s house each carrying a packet of biscuitswith bottle of water . They al were neatly dressed for the rally. soon it was 10 and the rally began . While they were going every saw them , Saw their unity , hardwork , being a kid how energetic they were . everyone praisedthem joined them one by one .Everywhere they pass people start joining .Till they reached th city march was crowded with more than a thousand of people . Government when saw them they were forced give funds to school .Then the school was repaired teachers were paid .From then school got many children got admitted in that school everyone in and near kanti village got educated  . People thanked and remembered those children for sucha brilliant work .instead of being small how wonderful they.

You just read a story of kanti and energetic children of kanti they were moral giving chilren.

please give me any faults or add on in this story by reviews



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