PPP-Patil Played Politics

Few days back, impeccably dressed with not even a single hair out of place our Honourable Home Minister, very swiftly and in his suave manner declared that hanging Afzal Guru [an Indian in Indian jail, accused and proven guilty of treachery in parliament attack case, even by the supreme court] will lead to Pakistan hanging of Sarabjit [an Indian in Pakistani jail, in a case of mistaken identity]. His argument, you can not talk about execution of death penalty on one hand and clemency on other.

As soon as he made this ‘intelligent’ point, everyone tried to put some brains in him, give him some sense and off course huge amount of criticism which he drew was inevitable. So again criticising the blunder which he made or trying to give him some ‘sadh budhi’ is not my intention. What keeps on bothering me is why in the name of Devil he did it?

I know he has been a dumb home minister for 4 years now. He has never said or done anything which can show his intellectual capabilities or put him in the league of intelligentsias. But still he has been in the active politics for so long. Even the dumbest of person can figure out the zilch connection between the two, then how come he failed to do so? When everyone can make out his blunder, then I wonder why he can’t. Alright he is old, but not old enough to lost it completely and start talking rubbish suddenly over night. It does not go down with me atleast, that all of a sudden one day he opens his mouth, and start talking utter nonsense. There is deeper meaning and planning behind this statement, which he made and sounded so stupid.

Looking at it from Mr. Patil’s or for that matter congress’s perspective, what the implication of this would or could be, we get a better picture about the whole fiasco.

For the past four years BJP was after government’s life for not hanging Afzal. Every now and then anyone all of a sudden from nowhere will start talking, as to why and how Afzal is still alive, and saving the face in this matter was a big task for the government. To this is I remember these lines,

‘…Bharat bhoomi ke liye apne pran kurban kiye,

Aise sabhi shaheedon ko naman do.

Aur Afzal ko mafi ki jo bhi koi baat kare,

Ek goli uske bhi seene mein utar do…’

‘Salute all the martyrs who gave their life for Bharat. And put a bullet in the chest of all those too who talks about pardoning Afzal.’

Such was the amount of criticism which the government was drawing for keeping Afzal alive. But now with this the man has silenced all the people crying hoarse for hanging the guilty. Just by floating this nonsense conclusion, he has created a big escape door, which the UPA was desperately searching for the past 4 years.

Simultaneously he has also provided the government with an excuse for further delaying the execution [which in any case is impossible during UPA regime, everyone knows why]. And with this ‘valid’ delaying, the government got all the time they needed before the next general elections to keep all those happy for whom they are delaying the execution.

Not only this, the man also sent a point that the government will do anything to bring back Sarabjit from Pakistani jail, even if it meant to pardon a man on death row, guilty for conspiring against nation.

Moreover while the talks between India and Pakistan on a roll, he made this statement and I would say his timing was perfect. As soon as he declared the connection, our political pundits and intellectuals alongwith criticising him said that this will adversely affect the ongoing talks between the two nations. Well the history of talks with the neighbours has never been pleasant. So God forbids if something wrong happens after these talks, then a major portion of the responsibility will automatically fall on the irresponsible home minister and face saving for the government will be much easier with blaming just one man for an illogical statement [which the intellectuals will do on their own, saving the congress’s energy also].

No doubt the man will bear the burnt of this mistake but what else you think will happen to his political carrier. He was a major runner for the presidency of country and he is the Home Minister even after losing the last Lok Sabha elections. Can’t ask for anything else!

So in a nut shell the dumb Home Minister is not that dumb as we think him to be. With a stupid statement he might have drawn huge amount of criticism but with one stone he has killed many birds. At the end, a smart move by a smart [read his perfect dress and hair style] man.

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