After 2012 if any movie was powerfull enough to drag me to a theatre then it had to be Avatar. Thanks to the college authorities for giving us first half of Friday completely free, we went to watch the movie [rare case of not missing lectures to do so] and sat there for the 150 minutes of runtime.

First of all the title ‘Avatar’; no matter what people say but for me it is Hindi Word meaning incarnation. Now for the story, well unfortunately there is nothing much to say. Hero meets heroine, who is the daughter of tribe’s chief and destined to marry would be chief but the two falls in love and get married and then hero helps the tribe defeat the villains. Only the villains this time are humans, heroine is of an alien species called ‘Navi’ and they reside on moon named ‘Pandora’ rich in a natural mineral which the humans want; and yes the disgruntled would be chief this time is on hero’s side only to defeat the villain.

Humans can not breathe on Pandora so they build their own Navi force called the Avatar who are operated by humans. Our hero Jake Sully [Sam Worthington] goes to the Navi people to negotiate a deal to make them move but falls for the alien girl and later the humans attack the Navi people who under Jake’s leadership fights back and reclaim their land.

To tell you the truth I never got bored while watching it but never really enjoyed it too. It was like one big fantasy + sci-fi + romantic drama unfolding together; the best part being the visual delight. The Pandora has everything big green jungles which illuminates at night, flying mountains, beautiful, big, dangerous creatures everything is there; just they don’t fill the gap created by a dull and predictable storyline. Add to this the long runtime which makes the first half drag too much in showing the beautiful Pandora all the charm dies.

If only the story had something new to say or if it was well edited to make first half go by faster, then the ride would be much more interesting. Else just like 2012, it’s a visual treat with big special effects and the new CGI technology coupled with actual shooting where all the 400 million dollars have been spent; nothing else.  

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