Its Rambo now. . .

It is over a year when Stallone came up with Rocky Balboa, a tribute to his cult on-screen boxer avatar. It is good not to talk about the movie which was a moderate ending to a larger than life character, with which people related. People also related to another on screen avatar of Stallone i.e. war veteran John Rambo, who had his share of disappointments in life. So this year he tried to bid adieu to this one as well.

About the plot first, in this chapter he is living a secluded life. A group of Christian missionaries rent his boat to go to the war ridden Burma for their relief and aid work. Earlier reluctant to go, finally he accepts the task and as soon as the missionaries reach at the Karen village, the sadistic Major Pa Tee Tint and a slew of Burmese army men capture, torture and viciously murder them, and hold the remainder captive. Now the responsibility of their rescue falls on the shoulder of none other than our hero, and this is when he gets back into his wam-bam-damn mood. Finally the mission accomplished and viewers get a plethora of action and violence.


·This is the first time Stallone is directing a Rambo movie.

·This is the first Rambo film without Richard Crenna [playing Col. Sam Trautman] and without a score composed by Jerry Goldsmith. In fact before Col. Sam Trautman’s role was removed, James Brolin was supposed to portray the role.

·Initially Stallone was making this movie before the 2006 Balboa. But Balboa first got the MGM nod.

The beginning with images of Burma civil war makes you feel, you are watching a documentary. The first half of the movie is a bit slow, and it takes a little too long before our hero gets at his best. The second half is undoubtedly filled with what one is looking for i.e. action and the pace is also good. Killing some 293 people [official claim] in 92 minutes is not bad.

The badies have been well portrayed and one genuinely feels good, when they are being killed. But one does not understand as to why they always shout whenever they open their mouth to speak?

On an ending note, it is nothing more than a moderate attempt, but if you liked Balboa then you will not be disappointed. Plus being a Stallone fan makes it worth a watch, and being a Rambo fan too makes it a must watch. 

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