Punctuality- Do you think that people think it as a virtue or a weakness. I think it is a virtue .

There are not many people who think that punctuality is a virtue . There are many people who think that if that person is in a higher position just being a little late adds to the superiority of that person . In India there are a great lot of people who do not think much about being punctual . It is wrong . What I think is that people must be punctual .It speaks a great lot about a person .

I do not think in any way that a person who comes late just because he is superior in rank is setting a very great example . I think that if a person thinks that he is higher in status and rank he should be very punctual , and set an example to the people who actually thinks that he is superior.

The fact that punctuality is a virtue people must recognise this . When a person is punctual , he lets people know that he values his time and also values the other person’s time.

I do not think that being unpunctual would or could in any way do any good for a person. I would suggest people to be punctual and value time and think about the other people’s value of time .

Punctuality is a virtue .It is not in any way a weakness . It takes effort to be on time , it doesn’t take effort to be late .
People must learn to value these virtues.

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