The mind can play so many games with a person.If a person does not have a disciplined mind things get very difficult for that person.It is the mind that makes everything operate.Just look around .The buildings ,the roads , the cars , everything are just the creations of the mind.The mind is such a strong thing and if trained it can become something so very beneficial for the person who has it.People know everything but still we find people unable to actually train and discipline the mind.My exposure to certain books like ” The Monk who sold his Ferrari ” has actually helped me to understand the fact that the mind if trained can do a lot of good.If a person has an indisciplined mind it becomes very difficult to control it later and it can actually create havoc .

Despite knowing all these things people do not give much attention about disciplining a person’s mind.There are many ways in which an undisciplined mind can affect a person.That are certain things that people want to achieve.But all those things people fail to achieve because they have an indisciplined mind.There are certain things that people have to do if they want to achieve a thing.But a mind which is weak very easily succumbs to things like laziness ,fear and other such things .In the cases of some people these things are succumbed to by their minds without any fight at all.These things in turn stand in the way of a person’s success.

The tendency of a person to give in to temptations gradually develops a weak mind.Weak mind in the sense a mind which has a mind of it’s own .

The mind can do so many things if trained in the right way.These things about the mind should actually be taught to children at a very young age so that they grow up to be strong individuals.If a person does not have a disciplined mind then that person would have a lot of problems.

People should think about educating their children about the mind.Children do not know about the mind.For them it is something that is just there .They do not know that they can actually control it or train it.It is important that children are made aware of these facts about the mind.

If people realise what they can do with their minds , there will be a quite a couple of sharp brained people .

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