I have come across so many people who are hypocrites.What makes a person become a hypocrite?I am sure there are many people who have come across at least seven to nine people who are hypocrites.I want to know what is it that makes a person become a hypocrite?Is it natural for some people to have a dual nature?Or is it something that develops due to an inferiority complex ? What?

Take the example of a person claiming to love his wife and having an affair with another woman or a woman claiming to love her husband and having an affair with another man?Why do people do this?Why cannot they just walk out of the relationship that they are so uncomfortable in and move into the one that they are comfortable in?I do not understand.

Hypocrisy is something that can really make things go wrong.People who are hypocrites are not good for anyone.A hypocrite would be a hypocrite .Take the example of people who can go on and on and on about the western singers and the songs that they like.That person might very well like listening to a funky hindi number but he/she would not admit it that he/she likes it.This is mostly the case with the people in India.I have come across a lot many such people.The most hilarious part of it all is that that person who claims to like these songs do not even understand a word of it.Why do they make such claims ? Don’t they realise that they make a fool of themselves? There is nothing wrong in being genuine.I think people who are hypocrites do such kind of things so that they are liked all the more by other people.By what is the point of someone liking you if that is not who they like?

Coming to India’s obsession with the western countries, there are many people who have a fake accent.They might have been born and brought up and must have stayed very much in India but the accent that they speak in is very American or British or Australian ,whatever takes their fancy.I think it is utterly stupid.Has anyone seen a westerner behave in such a manner?What is wrong in being an Indian?If you are so uncomfortable in being an Indian why don’t you rather acquire the good qualities of the westerners than acquiring their accent?No matter in what an accent you speak ,the way you behave will give out who you are.What is the logic in acquiring a fake accent then?

If you see there is no gain by being a hypocrite because no matter what you do people will eventually get to know that you are a hypocrite.So think over carefully before next uttering those hypocritical words and attempting a hypocritical action.

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