Equality means so many different things to different people. If one observes there are so many issues that come up with equality.What I want to talk about today is the basic fundamental idea of equality.Equality among human beings.The fact that all human beings are equal no matter what country they belong to , no matter what colour their skin is ,no matter what their religion ,caste or creed is.For so many years we have had seen white supremacy.Can we actually call a person superior because of the complexion of the skin he or she has?For many years the answer was yes.But now we see that people do not actually believe it to be like that.Barack H Obama being the president of the United States Of America says a lot about people’s mentality on the issue.

Barack H Obama had obviously faced a lot of questions.Questions about where did he actually belong to.He had to face these questions because he was born out of an inter racial marriage.His father was from Kenya and his mother was from an English descent and belonged to Kansas. What I think is why do people born to such marriages have to face such questions?Why are things so complicated?There had been a time when people who were from an African descent were used as slaves.I still do not understand why they were considered a little less than other human beings.Just because of the colour of their skin?I think it is very illogical to actually have such thoughts.What I did not understand even more is why did the people of the African origin let themselves to be used as slaves.Why did they accept what came their way?Were not they a large number themselves to resist such thoughts?

Take the case of Barack H Obama.He is a person of African origin.He is one of the most impressive presidents that I have ever seen or come across.Be it his thoughts ,his policies ,his confidence.Racial discriminations still exist.There is still a long way to go before racial discriminations are done away with.But in this age ,where there is still a hint of racial discrimination existing this man had the courage to actually stand for presidential elections.Let us not take into account what posts he held before he started to start campaigning for the presidential elections.This he did after he had faced so many discriminations and issues for his skin colour.His complexion.This man exudes a lot of class and sophistication too.How can anyone call or say that this man is inferior no matter what his character is just because he has a dark complexion or because he is from an African origin?What I do not understand is the people who considered themselves superior how did they even have such small thoughts about judging a person according to the colour of his /her skin?Who do you think has inferior thoughts and who do you think are inferior?

The little hint of racial discrimination that we have today ,it will eventually go away.With Barack H Obama being the president of the United States of America,these petty things will take a back seat.Mr.Barack H Obama is himself a son of two races.He has family in both the races.Who else can understand the concept of equality and the stupidity of the concepts like racial discrimination better?I am sure he will bring in a lot of new good concepts .The things are changing for the better.Barack H Obama has done a lot of people proud and have put to shame all the people who took illogical pride in the colour of their skin.The colour of a person’s skin can never make him or her superior or inferior ,good or bad.This is the truth and this is how things should be.

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