9/11 Anniversary

I hope everyone on this planet earth remember the day 9/11/2001( an immortal day in American history). worlds most strong nation rocked by Al Qaeda an Islamic jehadi front and henceforth the leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden  is the most wanted person in the world.

America wanted him dead or alive, so there was a declaration of war against terrorism by States. America along with some of its blind supporters like Britain said that it will eradicate terrorism from world map and since then America has fought two wars against islamic countries. one against Afghanistan and one against Iraq and is roaring to go for Iran.

Yesterday it was 9/11 again but the year is 2007 after six year of war and violence, i would like to analyze what world have achieved in its war against terrorism and what america has achieved?

Our Uncle Sam and co said that they will eradicate terrorism but i guess world means America to Uncle Sam. if i am not wrong since 9/11/2001 there had not been any single terrorist activity in United States of America and it has also achieved its main objective by once again reclaim its supremacy. States attacked Afghanistan in search of Laden. American warships raided beautiful hills of afghan country  ruined it to ruins and then claim that they established democracy that is good that they established a democratic nation but what is the use when they don’t have anything to eat. US was losing control over oil supply as Saudi Arab has hardly any oil reserve left and with Saddam going against US, hungry for oil Uncle Sam had do something about it so lets plan a war against Iraq for oil and name it as war against terrorism.

i am not criticizing American policies but what i

want to say that they have achieved   what they wanted, with only exception of Osama, but what about US Allies. For instance UK one of the front runner in US allies in WAT(War Against Terrorism). UK had been a soft target for terrorist activities. terrorist again and again penetrate deep into UK and hurt it badly similarly in madrid another European city with good relations with States bang badly hurt by terrorist.

So, what i want to say is that it is not blind run and follow the leader is not a good policy every time. Sometimes it works but most of  the time you need to work in your own way and set goals for your own and do the things your way.

2 thoughts on “9/11 Anniversary”

  1. it’a world known fact that America’s war against terrorism has been a big failure, no issues regarding that. No doubt we should be fighting terrorism, but not the Bush’s way (never ending violence, leading to more hatred) and if we continue to do so, then nothing will be left except bushes all around.

  2. hey dude thanks for you support but what i want to say is that this WAT is not a failure for U.S. they achieved what they wanted they now have control in middle east, they have a say in everything happening in south east Asia, moreover no terror activity has struck US again… but this WAT is a failure for rest of the world

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