The Election Result-09

None had expected the 16th may result to be so much clear and explicit. Both the Congress and the BJP were surprised with them. Although BJP’s surprise is more of a shock, and congress’s pleasant but they had also not expected to do so well. Since the surprising Saturday all the political pundits are busy assessing the results and trying to give some explanation. I don’t know why BJP lost or Congress won [even the Congress is not sure how it won, then how can I be?], neither I have any explanation for it, but it is interesting to listen what others has to say. Continue reading “The Election Result-09”

Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches

Hello Folks!

So the old Procrastinator is back, If you do not remember me, then I shall redirect you to my last post. Well I am not here to talk about myself, as the title suggest, I am going to analyze story of Deccan Chargers from here on in my post they will be known as AC/DC( One Very good friend of mine named them Aussie Chargers). So AC/DC completed a perfect turnaround from last years tourney(IPL08 famous for the infamous slap gate). If any of you are by chance suffering from STML(Short Term Memory Loss, All Credit to Ghajjini Bhaisaab) Last year AC/DC finished last with Wooden Spoon in hand and this year they won it fair and square, Fair and Square with as much as 3 Aussies in line up (Gilli The Monk, Roy The Trouble Kid and Lesser known Harris and to add icing on cake Gibbs who did not tour India coz he was to be inquired By our own Delhi Police in Match Fixing Case) is a highly improbable thing but lets do not touch it right now.

Continue reading “Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches”

Ghosts – For Me They Exist

In my college or school days whenever I used to have a discussion about the existence of ghosts and supernatural powers, I used to defend my strong opinion about the myths associated to these wrong notions of ghosts and spirits. Continue reading “Ghosts – For Me They Exist”


The mind can play so many games with a person.If a person does not have a disciplined mind things get very difficult for that person.It is the mind that makes everything operate.Just look around .The buildings ,the roads , the cars , everything are just the creations of the mind.The mind is such a strong thing and if trained it can become something so very beneficial for the person who has it.People know everything but still we find people unable to actually train and discipline the mind.My exposure to certain books like ” The Monk who sold his Ferrari ” has actually helped me to understand the fact that the mind if trained can do a lot of good.If a person has an indisciplined mind it becomes very difficult to control it later and it can actually create havoc . Continue reading “THE MIND”


I have come across so many people who are hypocrites.What makes a person become a hypocrite?I am sure there are many people who have come across at least seven to nine people who are hypocrites.I want to know what is it that makes a person become a hypocrite?Is it natural for some people to have a dual nature?Or is it something that develops due to an inferiority complex ? What? Continue reading “HYPOCRITES”

HK Memories- Disney Land & Ocean Park

The interrogating officer at the HONG KONG airport told us about four places which are a must see in HONG KONG viz. The Ocean Park, Disney land, The Peak and The Big Budha. Actually these four are the officially declared tourist spots in HONG KONG so whosoever goes to HONG KONG pays them a visit and now it was our turn. Continue reading “HK Memories- Disney Land & Ocean Park”

I Have To Agree That Men Can Cook Better Than Women

Gone are the days when Men used to enter the kitchen to just taste and look at what is being cooked for their meal?? The question that man cook or not have finally received a convincing answer that yes they can cook but the never ending argument who cooks better is still left unresolved. Continue reading “I Have To Agree That Men Can Cook Better Than Women”

Recession – Are The Indian Employers Taking Undue Advantage?

Recession has spread its heat all over the world and India is also not left as an exception. Yes, it’s absolutely true that India suffers the impact of recession or we can say a ‘slowdown’ but it would be absolutely wrong to say that ‘India is facing recession’. Continue reading “Recession – Are The Indian Employers Taking Undue Advantage?”


Why do people earn money?To be able to do all that they want to ?To be able to spend quality time with their near and dear ones .These are some of the reasons that people actually work very hard for , to have sufficient money .But very often we see people work so hard to earn money that they forget why they are earning money.Is it just for the sake of money that people earn money? Continue reading “MONEY”

Men And Women – Are They Equal???

There have been a number of discussions questioning on the equality of men and women. If this question would have been asked few decades back when woman was actually confined to the home management and were not allowed to express herself rightly, my answer would have been ‘No, they are not equal’. But today the way woman is living in this so called man’s world I can say that they both are equal. Without being biased I want to put forth certain points that will prove my point convincingly and I hope everyone will agree to them… Continue reading “Men And Women – Are They Equal???”


I really find some things very ironical.Indian people’s obsession with things that are western.Be it their complexion ,women , etc.Why are Indians so obsessed with western things?Why are they so obsessed that they even try to pick up on the slangs that these westerners say?I find it very irritating when I see people with such behavioural trends.The most ironical part about the whole thing is that Indians ape all that is western.What they fail to ape or do not want to ape are the good qualities that these people have.Let’s start with hygiene for that matter.There are many people who in their attempt to ape the westerners speak obscene words try and dress like them speak in a false accent and if they happen to visit one of these western countries they can go on about it for years together.They even manage to find an audience who listens to them.But how many of these people actually care to use a dustbin , be careful about not spitting on roads , not talking loudly on mobile phones or not mercilessly honking without a care in the world.Traffic as it is stresses people out .Why do people in India add to the stress by adding noise pollution to it.Things abroad are much better and good.Why do they not try to make India like that.All people have to do is follow rules.There are people who say nothing can happen in India?Why?Well it might take years but people can atleast initiate things. Continue reading “THE IRONY”

Business in Changing World

We are in a dynamic ever-changing world, in which people, organizations and businesses live, adapt, evolve and survive. The meager existence of change is the reason why the mankind has progressed to such heights. Had it not been our adaptability and acceptance to change who knows we would still be living in the Stone Age. Continue reading “Business in Changing World”

Students Reservation Quota – Is It Fair????

Reservation quota is commonly practiced way of helping SC/ST students in getting admission in the top and high quality education institutes and universities. Is it justified to snatch the bright career opportunities of the deserving candidates who couldn’t get a seat in the top rated institutes just because the seats are reserved for the students coming from backward classes? Continue reading “Students Reservation Quota – Is It Fair????”